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Original Limu

The basis of the Soul Kisses website is to share assistance and support tools to serve us on our spiritual paths.  It is then up to each individual to look within to discern their truth and if the information will benefit them.  In July, 2007 God sent to me a new tool.  It first came to me as a nutritional supplement to help my immune system restore itself.  I began drinking it regularly on August 1, 2007 and immediately began my quest to discern if it is something to share with all of you.  I discovered it is part of my mission here on earth, to share Limu with all I come into contact with.

What I have discovered is that Original Limu is a whole live Super Food (Nature's Perfect Food) that is changing people's lives.  It is produced from the brown sea weed Limu Moui that grows off the South Pacific island of Tonga and contains over 70 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that the human body desperately needs to maintain a healthy immune system.  The key ingredient in the product is Fucoidan.  Click into to view over 700 independent scientific studies on the benefits of Fucoidan to the human body.  (This is more independent studies than all the other independent studies on key ingredients of nutritional supplements added together!)

The Scientific research proved to me the product is good.  Drinking it proved to me that it tastes great.  When I began drinking Limu, I made a list of 21 (that I know about) physical issues from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.  To date over half of the issues are either gone or better.  I will continue to drink the Limu.

The Limu Company is a Network Marketing company.  So I connected with Jesus and my guides to discern if the company is of integrity and if sharing Original Limu with others is the best thing I can do.  They assured me that the owner of the company and the people I work with in Colorado are of integrity - and that YES, it is an injustice to others to not share the benefits of Limu.  **Note:  This is something I encourage everyone reading this to do - check with Source, The Creator, your guides, etc to discern if this is a good product for you and/or if the business is a good one for you.

I discovered directly from the owner of the company, Gary Raser, that he designed the company as a Network Marketing company so people would be able to supplement their incomes through Original Limu.  He shared with us how as a child, his father was paid on Friday and some times by Wednesday food was scarce in their home.  The distributors of Limu are paid weekly for product sold, then are paid bonuses monthly and quarterly.  Gary also shared the statistics of the benefits of as little as $500 more per month being enough to prevent bankruptcy.

There are those who only drink the Limu, then there are those who drink it and actively share it with others and supplement their income from the Network Marketing program.  The business possibilities are quite limitless.

As a nutritional supplement, Original Limu is amazing!  As a business opportunity, Original Limu is extraordinary and limitless!  To learn more, click into

Soul Kisses has been around for a long time and I take the responsibility of sharing information with all of you very seriously.  As a result, I diligently researched this product thoroughly before sharing it with all of you - to me researching thoroughly is getting information directly from Source.  Jesus was so very patient because I asked Him repeatedly, over and over and over, some times the same question, some times new questions.  He sent messengers and messages as well as speaking to me directly.  He showed me how Limu was going to work hand in hand with Soul Kisses. 

I thought, "oh, this is wonderful - Limu will help people achieve optimal health, while Soul Kisses will support them on their spiritual path!"  Then I discovered there is more...

On October 8, 2007, I connected with Jesus and asked him about the Original Limu.  The following is what He told me:  "In the beginning all lived as the essence of God - pure love - the Limu is a tool to help people return to that state - living as the essence of God.  People speak of the "sense of well being."  The Limu elevates the consciousness from that of fear to that of love.  Some will embrace this elevation, this change induced in their bodies and spirit - this reconnection with God - others will find it so foreign they will shun it.  Yes, dear one, you will share this information as well - the information is not so much to "talk" someone into the experience of drinking the Limu as to "validate" why they have met you and been called to you.  The spirits are searching and we hear their cries.  They want to embrace God on the level of God - through their intent and Limu, they will achieve this." 

Then I asked if there are other products that will help with this elevation of consciousness?

Jesus replied, "This is the one from the sea.  It is the food of the Gods.  The Limu feeds the human body's immune system.  Most will embrace - some will not.  The Limu Moui is of God - is of God's Love Vibration - the transformation from seaweed to Original Limu maintains the essence of God's love - hence the "sense of well being."  Yes, dear child, it is an injustice not to share the Limu."

**Note:  Each person reading this must look within to discern the validity of this message for themselves.  Connect with Source, The Creator, your guides, etc to discern if this is the best product for you and/or if the business is a good one for you.

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May you be profoundly blessed in this moment and in every moment after! 

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