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FREE Webinar February 1: Create More Love in Your Life with ONE Simple...

Date: Saturday, February 1, 2014
Time: 10:am MT
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Duration: 60 minutes
*****This program will be recorded - replay will be available for a limited time*****

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Past Webinars:


FREE Webinar January 11:  Affirmations: Your Passport to Happiness with Dr. Anne Marie Evers & Kate Large

Date: Saturday, January 11, 2014
Time: 10:am MT
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Duration: 60 minutes
*****This program will be recorded - replay will be available for a limited time*****

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FREE Webinar December 28:  Meet Your Worry Angel and Give Him Your Worries of 2013

Date: Saturday, December 28, 2013
Time: 10:am MT
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Duration: 60 minutes
*****This program will be recorded - replay will be available for a limited time*****

People in 26 countries participated in this program!!

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This program has completed, however,
On-Demand-Digital Downloads and CDs are available.
You MUST register to receive access!

De-stress your holidays
when you indulge yourself by
participating in this exciting, relaxing, love filled
FREE 5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels!
December 2, 2013
Day One: Meet Your Worry Angel

Step into BLISS when you meet and give your Worry Angel all your worries.

December 3, 2013
Day Two: Shift to Gratitude
Shift your reality to
the prosperous abundance you desire as your angels hold you in the safe space of gratitude.

December 4, 2013
Day Three:
 Embraced by Heavenly Love
into the arms of your angels as they embrace you in unconditional love healing the wounds of your heart and those of your inner child.

Register now to get access to the recording of this FREE LIVE event

December 5, 2013
Day Four: Align with the Love of Mother Earth

Take the hands of your angels and heal the soils of Mother Earth beneath your feet with pure love to bring peace and balance to your life and home.

December 6, 2013
Day Five:
Tap into the Magic Vibration of Intention
Open your heart
to the blessings of the angels when together you set your intention to live the life of your dreams!

This program has completed, but the On-Demand-Digital-Download audio files and CDs are available!  You must register for this class to receive access to the digital downloads and CDs.

During 30 glorious, love filled minutes for FIVE days you will connect at a higher level of love with your angels and leave the stress of the physical world behind...

Bonus Gift:  Angelic Goodies from
Kim Loftis, founder of From the Angels with Love!

You will receive an additional SURPRISE Bonus Gift
in one of your Daily Reminder Emails - be sure to open!!
Surprise Bonus Gift has Expired.


How to Peek into Your Future During Mercury Retrograde

It isn't too late!  This webinar aired July 15, 2013, but the information can be used for all upcoming Mercury Retrograde time frames!


The planet Mercury goes retrograde at least three times each year.  This time can wreak havoc with our communication with one another and our technology. 

Most people don't know...

Mercury Retrograde is a magical time to peek into your future!  Kate will guide you through the 5 steps to peek into your future and share with you the one action step you must know to create your highest good as your reality!

You will learn:
what Mercury in Retrograde means
how Mercury in Retrograde affects your life
how long it lasts
what the "shadow" of Mercury Retrograde is
what not to do while Mercury is in Retrograde
what you should do while Mercury is in Retrograde
5 vitally important steps to peek into your future during Mercury in Retrograde
the ONE step you must know to create your highest good as your reality!

BONUS GIFT: PLUS you will receive a Mercury in Retrograde checklist and calendar! (pdf file)

Mercury Retrograde Dates 2013
Pre-Shadow: October 1 - October 20
Mercury Retrograde: October 21 - November 10
Post-Shadow: November 11 - November 26

February 5 - 28
June 7 - July 1
October 4 - 25

During Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to clean house of what no longer serves you.  By releasing that which has served its purpose you will open the way for your highest good to be revealed to you.

Summer Solstice Love Ceremony Webinar
With Lynette Turner and Kate Large

Experience a Summer Solstice Ceremony
unlike any other!!

It isn't too late!

To receive the recording of this webinar, please complete the form to the right to receive access information!

Experience Love with us and...

clean house and release what no longer serves you at a soul level
open your heart to the love that is your essence to stand in your personal power
learn 5 steps to stress relief
learn how to work with your dream guides to resolve issues and make decisions
send love to Mother Earth as a group to help relieve her stress
open the way for your highest good to be revealed to you during this time of pre-Mercury Retrograde!

In medieval times people believed herbs and flowers picked during summer solstice carried healing energy above and beyond normal healing properties.  We believe Love has the power to heal everything, e.g. mother earth, relationships, life situations, even the human body.

We believe living at a vibration of love is why we are here on Mother Earth today.  It is our mission to shift from the illusion of fear of the physical world to the higher vibration of love to create our version of Heaven on Earth as our reality.

Are you ready to step
into a higher level of existence?

In this experiential Love ceremony Kate and Lynette will hold the safe space for healing at a deep soul level for you and for Mother Earth.

Together we will:
expand the power of two through our group connection
connect as one all across the planet magnifying the love connection
hold the safe space sending healing love to Mother Earth touching her core to relieve her stress
reconnect with the essence of who you are - one with Mother Earth - one with the Creator of All That Is...

Celebrate a time of new beginnings with YOUR Free copy of this program!

It is not too late to receive this exciting information, tools and a beautiful guided love meditation from the angels of the angelic realm and Mother Earth.  You may get your free download using the form above! 

The Infinite Possibility of NOW!

Are you feeling stuck? Unsure? Helpless? Frustrated? Overwhelmed?  Is time evaporating?

Do you feel an anxiousness of something you need to do, but youíre not sure just what it is?

Have you discovered that the old way you fulfilled your goals doesnít work anymore?

Are you setting your intention for your day, yet you feel as if youíre out of control and flailing around at the whim of the slightest of breezes?

Did you think life would flow easier for you in 2012, but instead it has been chaotic, anxious and you feel like you donít belong here anymore?

If you've answered "YES" to any of these questions,

This webinar is for YOU!

This is a RED FLAG SIGN that you're ready to shift into a higher expression of yourself and create the highest possible outcome in all areas of your life!

This exciting webinar of experiential tools and insights will open the door for you to tap into the Infinite Possibility of Now using your power as the limitless spiritual being that you are to bring your heaven to earth!

This webinar is over, however the recording is available. You may purchase this audio recording below.

Digital Download of the Webinar: $19.97

Step into 11:11:11 with Kate to make your journey through 2012 EZier!

The powerful, enlightening information Kate shared on 11:11:11
is now available as an MP3 download.
PLUS Bonus gifts!
All for ONLY: $9.95

Kate holds the space for you to step into the higher vibration of love to illuminate your path to ascension with this exciting, informative, experiential webinar. She shares tools given to her by her angelic entourage to help make this time of transformation EZier!

Together you will:
1. learn the steps to take to circumvent painful life events
2. learn of the power of crystals
3. meet your Worry Angel
4. experience a breathing exercise originated by Deepak Chopra with permission of The Chopra CenterTM
5. meet the Healers of the Light and clear your chakras of fear debris and step into your power

Bonus Gifts:
1. the NEW Clear Your Chakra with the Healers of the Light meditation
2. The Power of Gratitude meditation

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