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Alzheimer's?  Dementia?  Click here to access support and information.

Do you have your copy of Waiting in the Other Room?
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Do you have your copy of With Love from Your Angels?
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What support do you need to
create your version of
Heaven on Earth?

Everyone vibrates at their own level of spiritual growth.  You may be new at stepping into your power or you may simply need "refresher" information to catapult you into the life that is your birthright to live ~ one of joy, love, light, laughter and prosperity!  The Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers website community holds a multitude of tools and services to help you be more joyful, loving, happy and prosperous in ALL areas of your life.

Here you will discover tips, techniques and tools through programs, classes, teleclasses, the newsletter, products and services to help you:

Tap into the Divinity within you
Understand how powerful you really are
Learn how to focus your power through love and light to create joy and bliss
Experience and perfect and easy technique to resolve conflict
Forgive that which is unforgiven
Walk away from worry and never look back
Trust your intuition
Know that all is in Divine order and there is perfection in all things
Disconnect from and heal the pain of the past that holds you hostage - blocking you from creating the life you long for
Make a tangible reality that makes your heart sing by pulling into focus intangible scattered desires
Shift your "want" energy to the highest vibration of love possible as a Master Creator to create what you want and not what you'll settle for
Open your heart to receive all that is yours by Divine right in beautiful, miraculous ways - all that is your Birthright - your version of Heaven on Earth

Leave behind all the shackles of fear:
worry, anger, resentment, unforgiveness, confusion, doubt,
chaos, drama, grief, betrayal - all pain of the past

It is time for you to create a life of prosperity that you love!

With an open, willing heart your life will be defined as including:
loving, harmonious relationships
work that you love and makes your heart sing with joy when you wake up in the morning
optimal health
abundant cash flow that fills your needs and more

What is holding you back?

When is it the right time to make changes in your life? 

The obvious answer is, "When it is more painful not to..."  Its a fine line between struggling in an abyss of familiar fear and stepping into the unfamiliar, unknown state of joy and love.

What about changing your M.O. (Modus Operandi)?  Perhaps today is the day to become pro-active and take the first step into your power to create the life you wish to live.  Within a very short time, you too, can be powerfully standing in the shoes of your authentic self - without apologies - creating the life that makes your heart sing with joy - and... bringing joy to those around you as well as Mother Earth!

Are you willing to do what it takes to create your version of Heaven on Earth?

Many people think they're ready, but they aren't willing to do what it takes to make changes in their lives - even when those changes would bring them great joy.  I've walked in those shoes too, so I know how easy it is to be ready, but not willing!  You feel as though you are stuck, chained down and cannot move forward!

If you're willing to powerfully tap into the Divinity within you and create the life your heart longs to live, continue reading and click through the website to discern the class, program, service and information that resonates with you.

I invite you to take your time clicking through the Soul Kisses website to learn why you were guided here.  While you're here be sure to register for our free goodies:

Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers Newsletter - Free
Sign up for our newsletter and join thousands around the world who keep up to date on new tips, tools, products, information and services to make your life easier.  You will also receive... {{{{shhhhhh... a powerful secret weapon that exposes fear energy for the illusion that it is - shhhhh}}}} ...The Power of Gratitude meditation as an instantly gratifying digital download.

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Pray it Forward Prayer Group - Free
Experience the miraculous power of group prayers when you add your name or initials to the Pray it Forward Prayer List.  We pray collectively as a group on Fridays.

Heal Mother Earth with Love through Prayer Group - Free
Join the Heal Mother Earth with Love prayer group.  Sending love to Mother Earth will help her to heal more easily alleviating her need to belch "natural disasters."  We pray collectively as a group on Sundays.

Make your life EZier to create your version of Heaven on Earth!

How to Create Your Heaven on Earth
The Gift of Forgiveness
Alzheimer’s Alternative Care,
Communicating with Your Angels 
How to Create Your Heaven on Earth Program
5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels
Disconnecting the Cords to Heal
the Wounds of Your Heart
Step into Your Field of Potentiality
The Prosperity Tool Kit
With Love from Your Angels...
guided Workbook & Journal
Orb Photographs Validated
Communicating through Dementia 
Communicating with Orbs
Clear Your Chakras with the Healers of the Light
Children of the Angelic Realm

Click here to see the full list!

Soul Kisses History:
In 1999 I went to the internet to look for websites that provided spiritual guidance and could not find one that resonated with me and answered my questions. So in 2000 I created the Soul Kisses website as an avid resource center with information, tools and recommendations to help those who, like me, were looking for “more.”

In 2001 Jesus told me I would be adding my own work to the site.  I promptly freaked out and told Him he was talking to the wrong person!  That night John Denver woke me up singing "Rocky Mountain High" and refused to stop till I got up and listened to what he had to say. He explained to me that my human "fear" was normal, but it was an illusion.  He explained to me that if I would follow the Divine guidance that was so freely given to me, I would discover joy and love that were beyond my human capacity to take in at that moment.  His words gave me support to move forward with an open mind and trusting heart.

Letting go of my human fear hasn't been easy.  The hesitancy to trust held me back for years and made tapping into the Divinity within me a rocky road.  If the tools available on this website were available to me when I consciously stepped on to my spiritual life path, my transformation from fearfully creating a life I didn't want to joyfully creating a life I do want would have been So Much EASIER - and FASTER!

When I finally opened my arms to receive the Divine guidance of my angelic entourage, I learned that John Denver was right!

I use all the tools, all the programs, classes and services offered here to create my version of Heaven on Earth so I know they work. And... they'll work for you when you show up powerfully and participate fully.

I began publishing the Soul Kisses internet newsletter in January of 2003. Now this newsletter circles Mother Earth reaching limitless spiritual beings in over 50 countries! The newsletter addresses real life issues and shares tools and information, plus it keeps subscribers updated on new tools, giveaways and radio guests. I invite you to step into your power as a limitless spiritual being by subscribing to the newsletter and receive your digital download of The Power of Gratitude meditation as a bonus gift!  (Scroll up to use the form on the right.)

The Spiritual Whispers Blog Talk Radio show is in its third year.  Thousands of people download the show archive each month connecting the Soul Kisses community with the golden light of audio through the energy of love. Listeners receive loving, healing information from special guests as well as tips, tools and techniques to help make living a human life easier!

The Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers website has been designed to provide healing tools to help you open the door and illuminate your spiritual life path. There is no need to travel in darkness any longer.  You have discovered a place to help you find the light within you... discover your truth, implement healing, and experience balance, support and love... a place to begin or continue to connect with your angels, spirit guides - God. A place to discover, acknowledge and accept that you are never alone - you are indeed a crowd of angels, guides, teachers and deceased loved ones - you are One with God...

Receive validation that your deceased loved ones are still with you

In 2005 my dad, Big Jim, died and life began to shift - quickly. Daddy and my guides asked me to share more of the tools I was using personally that made my life easier and the website grew exponentially!

My Dad, Big Jim, my Angelic Entourage and I wrote: Waiting in the Other Room the book,  validation that our loved ones are, indeed, simply "Waiting in the Other Room..."  We also created the Waiting in the Other Room journal, and Sacred Space ~ Build It and They Will Come meditation to help you connect with the loving energy of your deceased loved one.

I invite you to click through the website and take what resonates with you. There are free products and information as well as services and products for sale. You will also find recommendations for the spiritual work of others, because we understand that everyone is on their own spiritual life path and may resonate more with someone else.

If you receive benefit from what you discover here, be sure to share the website with your friends.

Thank you for joining me during this exciting time of enlightenment, change and transformation!

May you be profoundly blessed in this moment and in every moment after…

In love and light,

Message from the angels...

...Dear One,

The physical world is experiencing a Divine Shift... God's love is building momentum... you are feeling it... you are searching for more answers, and you will be receiving answers in amazing ways - because that is the way we work... Don't hold back, ask your questions, explore your truth - the answers are within you, but you must allow them to surface and acknowledge them. Do not be fearful - open your eyes... you will see and experience miracles... you will be receiving answers to your questions. Ask for validation - we will validate. Our love for you has no limits. Do not fear asking us for help, we are messengers of God and take direction from God. We will help you in every little thing... every big thing... all things - all you have to do.... is ask..."

God's Messengers, The Angels...

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THE GAME of LIFE Mastery Program

Click here to learn more about the program!
Based on:

Order your copy of

  Order The Game of Life Workbook from Barnes & Noble icon

In her classic book, THE GAME OF LIFE AND HOW TO PLAY IT, Florence Scovel Shinn established herself as the leading prosperity writer of her time whose down-to-earth, practical, and helpful suggestions appealed to millions of readers and seekers from all walks of life. Although her original work was composed in a different era, her lessons, stories, and insight continue to engage readers despite the dated language and examples. At the core of her teachings is a timeless message for those who yearn to connect on a deeper level with these soul-stirring concepts.

Never before has there been a step-by-step map to the prosperous life that’s just waiting to be discovered. Florence Scovel Shinn’s beloved writings have now been updated with contemporary references that empower the human spirit and allow everyone to easily relate to the essence of her genuine words and thoughts.

This NEW interactive workbook includes the original text from THE GAME OF LIFE

• WORKBOOK SESSIONS that explain the terms and define the concepts as they relate to the world of today.

• "INSIDE ASSIGNMENTS" with exercises.

• SQUARE OF LIFE charts to help you identify the motivating forces that steer your life.

• PERSONAL JOURNAL pages to record your thoughts and track your progress.


With love we light a candle for those who are grieving the physical loss of a loved one.  May this light dispel the darkness of grief and illuminate the way for hope and eternal healing in all directions of time.

Join us Thursdays, 7pm MT
Call in early to get your mini angel reading!

April 17, 2014: Kate will discuss the energy gateway of the planetary alignments during the Cardinal Grand Cross and how you can use it to your advantage.  She will also share the wakening of the power of the Divinity within.

Set a reminder for the show or listen to the archive here!

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