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Children of the Angelic Realm - Guided Meditation & MP3 Download

In this meditation Kate gently, lovingly guides you to the angelic realm where a Love Angel greets you and holds the safe for your to reconnect you with your child and their angels. You are given a few minutes to chat with your child, expand and flow into love and bring that love back with you to the physical world.

The first track is the energizing Love Meditation. This meditation is included to help you raise your energy from that of sadness and grief to more closely match that of the angelic realm to make your connection easier.

Track One: Love Meditation - Invigorate and energize your mind, body and spirit as you shift fully into the higher vibration of love source! Music by

Track Two: Children of the Angelic Realm - Take the hand of the Love Angel and step into the angelic realm to meet the angels who care for your child.  Then reconnect with your child or children as one as the angels hold the space of love.  Return to the physical world with the love. Music by Dan McClerren

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Children of the Angelic Realm


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