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Claim Your Power - Create the Life of Your Dreams!
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We incarnate to Mother Earth to experience many things, to learn, to grow, to trust and to love.  The physical world teaches us we are limited beings.

The reality is we are limitless spiritual beings experiencing a human existence.

* Do you feel limitless? 
* Do you feel empowered? 
* Have you seen your Field of Potentiality?
* Do you know that your dreams really can be your reality?

Depending on what moment it was, my answer to these questions was "NO."  Then one morning when I woke, my consciousness was bombarded by life situations that challenged my inner wisdom of being a limitless spiritual being and I asked the angels to help me.  They graciously came in and led me through a process to see my Field of Potentiality and to claim my personal power

I was amazed at how easy it was to shift from a source of fear to that of love and to become empowered by claiming my power!

The Claim Your Power guided meditation CD shares with you this miraculous tool given to me by the angels along with The Power of Gratitude.

Track One: Claim Your Power guides you to experience all that is yours in your personal, private Field of Potentiality! After exploring all that is yours, you will be guided to step into your personal power. You will claim your power and shift fully into a source of love and possibility, thereby opening the way to receive all that is yours by divine right, under grace in miraculous ways...

Track Two: The Power of Gratitude guides you to the reality of the power of gratitude. You will embrace that which you are grateful and shift to a state of bliss and love. You will elevate your vibration to that of your Field of Potentiality becoming a magnet for all that is yours by divine right.

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Claim Your Power

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