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I've been working with Jesus for years to help me with my spiritual work and my life.  One day as I was talking with a friend about Jesus, my friend asked me, "What makes you so special that He talks with you?"  The answer is I'm no more or less special than anyone else.  Everyone can talk with Jesus!

Ascended Master Jesus is aware of the challenges the physical world of Mother Earth presents to us in the moments of our existence. He wants all to know that He is with each one of us and loves us fully and unconditionally.

Slowly stroll along the beach as the sun sets to meet Master Jesus where He will escort you to two chairs on the water. Together you will step into the world of the angelic and experience infinite possibility as you are serenaded into a dazzling moonlit night of peaceful love and joy…

Call on Jesus any time.  He is always available to work with you to help you heal deeply from within and fulfill the desires of your heart.

Track One: Intro - Introduction to meeting Jesus

Track Two: Meet Jesus - Reconnect as One with Master Jesus

Track Three: Cleanse and Clear - Cleanse and clear physical world fear from your mind, body and spirit under the angelic waterfall.

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Meet Jesus and Cleanse & Clear

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