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We are taught that we come into this world alone and that we will go out – alone. This simply is not true. We are indeed, each one of us, a crowd of guides, angels, teachers and deceased loved ones – in every moment of our existence on Mother Earth. We came in with a crowd, live with a crowd and will go out with a crowd! With practice and patience, we can and will connect with this entourage of helpers from the angelic realm.

This entourage of ours, the angels, guides, teachers and loved ones who have transitioned home connect with us at will, daily, all the time. It is up to us to discern between "their connection" and our own mind chatter. In the beginning I often wondered if "their connection" is my imagination, but what is imagination??

We've created Sacred Space ~ Build it and They Will Come guided journey meditation so that everyone has the tools to build their pathway to connecting with their angelic entourage of angels, guides, teachers, archangels, our deceased loved ones and The Creator of All That Is. 

The pain of grief can block us from connecting with our deceased loved ones.  Before using the guided meditation, spend a few moments reconnecting with the joy of your love for your loved one of the angelic realm.  Allow your energy and your heart to feel the joy, then begin.

Track One: Sacred Space Setting the Intention helps us to quiet our space and set the intention of connecting with a specific spiritual being of the angelic realm.  Kate then outlines the process of the guided connection so the listener will know what to expect.

To download the first track:  please right click here.

Track Two: Sacred Space ~ Build it and They Will Come Kate guides you to build your Sacred Space, connect with the spiritual realm and allows time for chatting.  Then she guides you back to the physical world for grounding to complete the connection.

To download the second track:  Sacred Space ~ Build it and They Will Come, please right click here.

Donna's Experience:
“I want to say that Kate’s Sacred Space Meditation really works! I played it and visualized visiting with my deceased husband on the garden bench. I actually saw him in my mind’s eye and had an entire conversation with him. I recommend it to anyone who wants a meditation to connect them with a loved one, guardian angel, or spirit guide.”

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This meditation is free.  If you have received spiritual food from the meditation and Soul Kisses website and wish to feed your financial flow through a tithe, you may do so by clicking here.

May you be profoundly blessed in this moment and in every moment after...

In love and light,

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