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Mastery Intensive Mentoring Session with Kate

This session with Kate changes everything.

If you're struggling to identify and/or disconnect from an energy that's holding you back, this session is for you. 

Kate and the angels will guide you to process through the energy that is revealed all the way to the source love energy that is your essence. 

Kate and the angels will hold the safe space for you to:
~ identify the less than love energy/emotion that is holding you hostage
~ process through it and all the energies/emotions that are supporting it
~ heal the less than love energy/emotions in all directions of time
~ access and shift into the love source energy that you are
~ bring that happy, elated, enlightened, miraculous love energy that you are back with you to continue 'running in the background' of your life from now on - and learn what to do to keep it there!

The session is 3-4 hours and includes two 45 minutes follow-up sessions.

Kate will share the very affordable investment (its less than you think!) for this private Mastery Intensive Mentoring Session with you during your interview. (payment plan is available - the session must be paid in full prior to your appointment)

Note from Kate:

Clients experience tremendous shifts in energy during these sessions.  Only apply if you're ready - and willing to process through what's been holding you back! 

Appointments are made on a first come, first serve basis.

I'm honored to be a part of your journey and hold the safe space for you to propel forward magnificently to create your version of heaven on earth!

In love and light,

To begin the process, please email Kate @  Please put MASTERY INTENSIVE MENTORING SESSION WITH KATE in the subject line!

Kate will contact you personally to schedule a time to discern if the Mastery Intensive Mentoring Session is right for you.

NOTE:  Emailing Kate does NOT obligate you to the private, virtual mentoring session.

What others are saying...


“One-on-one sessions with Kate – particularly the lengthier mentoring session of 3+ hours– are phenomenal.

In my case, I was blocked in my belief that I could truly have the love relationship I wanted. I was someone who had never been happy in love and although I would create affirmations and take steps in furtherance of having a wonderful new guy in my life (like buying lingerie and cleaning out drawers for him to put his stuff), but I honestly didn’t believe the relationship would ever manifest. As such, it didn’t really matter what I did because I lacked the core belief that’s required to manifest anything.

I knew in my heart that nothing I did would manifest this relationship until I genuinely removed what was blocking my belief in it. I had worked with a therapist late last year, but it hadn’t helped me at all. Working with Kate was an entirely different experience. About 2 hours into our session - which involved tremendous patience on Kate’s part - we got to the root of what was blocking my belief and actually dissipated it. I could literally feel a physical shift, like a 200 lb boulder was off my shoulders.

When our session was complete, I felt different – not only hopeful but really feeling like this relationship IS going to come into my life and I have already began thinking differently and doing things differently which I know are the things I need to do to “make this demonstration” as Florence would say. This has been a pivotal shift in my thinking and without Kate’s help, I would never have made that shift.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

~Beverly B

"I trusted her! Absolutely, fully and completely! You feel Kate's wisdom, and know the angels and Florence are with you, too. My circumstances were so layered like the most complicated tangled web. Still Kate lovingly and incredibly guided me to and through the fear into the light, the love of God! I cannot recommend the mastermind intensive enough. You will solidify all the Game of Life teachings in a foundation just for you, and you will feel glorious during the process as well!"

~Kare L, Canada

"I would recommend the Mastery Intensive Mentoring Session to anyone who, like me, has tried so many processes and therapies to get to their core issues and yet none of them cut through to the origination like the Mastery Intensive Mentoring Session. The experience of the session brought me to the Knowing of my complete oneness and safety with Source and a recognition of my true capacity for unlimited and boundless love and joy. The after glow of self trust and trust of God and all of life augments with every day as I ground deeper and deeper into the newly enriched soil of my being."

~Monna Giovanna

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