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Experiential Self Study Class
Who can communicate with angels?
Everyone – including YOU!

Open your heart to recognize and
understand the guidance of your angels!

Benefits of communicating with your angels:
Release and dissipate the blocks that prevent you from creating the life you really want to live
Tap into the voice of God within you – your intuition
Raise your energetic vibration out of fear to the higher vibration of love
Identify and disconnect from the fear that currently holds you hostage
Reconnect with the limitless spiritual being that you are
Heal the wounds of your heart and relationships
Receive guidance to action steps to create the highest possible outcome in every area of your life
Step into being the Powerful Master Creator that you are and bring your Heaven to Earth!

Are you feeling stuck?

Invite your angels into your life
and open your arms to receive the highest possible outcome – NOW!

We are all born with the ability to communicate with the angelic realm of angels, guides, teachers and deceased loved ones. The physical world teaches us that we are separate, alone, and limited in what we can be, do and have. I believed this, too, and spent years bouncing around, feeling alone, stuck and separate from God and my angelic team.

I knew my angels were real and that they could help me, but I struggled to “connect” with them. I tried meditating, but fell asleep. I took my family to a Doreen Virtue workshop and watched quietly with a heavy heart as my husband and daughter (who didn’t want to go) wrote out messages from their angels while I sat there, pen poised above the paper and got nothing. I read about how I needed to be a vegan to communicate with my angels and my heart sank – because beef is a staple in my diet!

Then I learned the key to opening my heart to communicating with my angels and it was EASY! I learned how to distinguish between “them” (the angels) and my own mind chatter and...

You can too!

The only difference between you and me is we have different bodies. You can learn how to communicate with your angels and receive guidance from them to create the life that you truly wish to live. Your angels will light the way for you to move forward in your power to create the life of your dreams!

Do you want to connect with your angels but there seems to be a short somewhere in your circuitry because you feel like you just can’t quite get there? I used to feel like that too. This course shares the tools I’ve used to make the connection with my crowd of angels and they will work for you!

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.
Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime…

Order your self-study class today to learn
how to communicate with your angels for the rest of your life!
In this exciting, experiential course you will learn:
how to distinguish between your mind chatter and the whispers of your angels
how you receive your messages: seeing, hearing, knowing or in combination
how to ask questions to heal the wounds of your heart and heal life situations and relationships
how to let go of the need to be in “control” in order to “be in control!”
how to identify fears, face them, disconnect from them and step into your power
how to recognize the energy of your angels
how fully supported you are on your life path
how limitless you are to be, have and do anything you desire...

Archangel Michael has committed to joining us as each of you experience the tools, stories, exercises and communications of this class.  

You have the knowing in your heart that your angels are real and they have messages and tools to help you take control of the creation of your life. Do you know what those tools and messages are?

This Communicating with Your Angels Self Study Class
illuminates the darkness to find your way and change your life forever!
1. Communicating with Your Angels Introduction -
Together we lay a foundation to make communicating with your angels easier and open your heart to the infinite possibility that is you! 
2. Stepping into Our Connection - We connect the human physical world and the angelic realm by tapping into the essence of who we are - One with God.  We set our intention to communicate with our angels and learn the name of the angels who are with us in this moment.
3. Angel Writing - We shift our energy into the higher vibration of love, meet Archangel Michael and embrace his energy, then receive a message from the angels.
4. Angel Journaling - We open the door to working with your angels through journaling to heal life situations and relationships.
5. Fully Supported - The angels "show" you how fully supported you are.  Your angels help you step into the limitless spiritual being that you are and anchor from this moment forward your eternal connection.

Plus you will receive these BONUS GIFTS:
Meet Your Guardian Angel
Love Meditation
Sacred Space ~ Build It and They Will Come
intro & meditation
Guided Prosperity Journal Pages
in the manual to help you work with your angels to identify and disconnect from prosperity blocks to claim the prosperity that is your birthright!

What others are saying...  I have been listening to the Communicating with your Angels class and am so impressed with the class.  Like you, it seems everyone else could communicate, but while I got some great naps just never seemed to be "getting it" or have anything happen. I certainly never knew if it was my mind chattering or something being communicated or wishful thinking. The way you have set this up takes the "pressure" off me thinking, "Why didn't it happen? Or what's wrong with me," to it being very natural and whatever happens is a step forward on a journey.

Thank you so much for the class and for sharing what you hear from your Angels!

~ Laurie M

Communicating with Your Angels Self-Study Class
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Don't let another day go by being unsure of your communication with your angels - order now!

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