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Alvin and Big Jim Reunited

Fred and I flew to Memphis in January, 2008, for a conference and visited my mom while we were there. Of course I went around the house taking pictures and I wasn't disappointed.

Big Jim farmed soy beans, cotton, wheat and rice. When I was a child he would bring home animals that he found hurt or were hurt by the farm equipment. We would nurse them back to health and let them go.

One day while working in his shop several years ago, he kept hearing a noise. Upon investigating the noise, he discovered a baby skunk - the baby's mother wasn't coming back, so Daddy bundled him up and took him to the house. He had to bottle feed the skunk, he was so young. Before long, Daddy and Alvin were inseparable. While Daddy would watch TV, Alvin would sit on his shoulder.

Alvin transitioned a few years before Daddy did. Daddy was devastated, but now they have reunited in the spiritual realm. When Daddy comes by, Alvin comes with him and plays with my poodle, Majik. They have a LOT of fun together playing, especially in the guest room throwing pillows off the bed and trashing out the covers.

Daddy and Alvin showed up together at my mom's in the image below. Here they are, reunited, Alvin on Daddy's shoulder. 

Click the image for a larger view

Daddy is the large orb.  Alvin is the zero orb upper right.  The image to the right is Alvin while he lived in the physical world.

I was so thrilled to discover this picture of the zero orb over the larger orb in the pictures I took at my mom's house. Clearly, Alvin, still sits on Daddy's shoulder.

I must admit that thinking of Daddy as "gone" is so profoundly sad.  For those of you who have lost loved ones to transition, you know what I mean.  I grieve, cry, and just allow myself to miss him, then I pull myself together and manage to get excited at the proof that my camera shows me that he is still here with us.  And always, always acknowledge him when I see him with my mind's eye - he looks fabulous.

As you miss your loved ones, allow yourself to grieve.  Remember, we are human and we must grieve even though we know deep in our hearts that they are ok.  Grieve, then allow yourself to experience the joy of loving them and knowing that love always lives.

Big Jim's daughter,

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