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Comfort from Daddy...

As I mentioned in my article, my daughter no longer lives with me.  I had hoped that by the time she moved out our relationship would have reached a peacefulness of respect and OK-ness.  For those of you who are mothers and have experienced your daughters moving out, you know that I was dreaming of a "lala" world.

Cutting that cord can be very painful - in my case, it has been.  Big Jim has been with me every step of the way.  Giving me wonderful Father's advice.  He consoled me with the fact that he, Jesus and of course her guides and teachers, along with the angels I specifically asked for are all with her.  He asked me to be nonresistant of the situation and focus on what I'm grateful for, not what I cannot change.

One of my most painful days, he comforted me in a most surprising way.  I had driven to the city where she is living to take her to a doctor's appointment.  It got late so I decided to spend the night, plus it gave us more time together.  When I went to drop her off at work, it was very difficult, knowing she would walk into the building and I would drive away and leave her there and go home without her.

As we sat there in the car, she didn't get out... and she didn't get out.  Finally she told me she didn't want to, that she wanted to go home with me, but she had responsibilities and she had to go in to work.  When she got out of the car I hugged her and tried hard not to cry.  I managed to get back in the car and out of the parking lot before the flood started.  I cried half way back to Denver. 

Between Colorado Springs and Castle Rock, I realized my dad was sitting in the car with me.  He just sat there, finally he said with the inflection on syllables that only he has, "it'll be alright.  She'll be fine."  Then I looked over to my left.  Up in the sky a cloud was shaped as a silhouette of my dad with his cowboy hat on!  I had to laugh - he gave me something else to think about.  I wanted to pull over and take a picture, but the camera was in the trunk and I knew between traffic and the wind, the cloud would be gone before I could.  So I snapped the picture with my mind - to cherish it always.

When a child leaving home is painful, there is a grieving process.  As a result of my being nonresistant to the situation and focusing on what I am grateful for and not what I cannot control, I managed to continue to live my life.  During this time I was working on The Keys to Unlocking the Secrets ~ The Game of Life Unleashed! and I used the tools and principles of the ecourse to get up each day and maintain.  In utilizing the teachings of Florence Scovel Shinn I was able to reach deep within myself to connect with the God Part within.  Life became more than maintaining, it became good AND my relationship with my daughter has renewed, blossomed and become based on respect and honor.  She still has a teen year left, so she still has a very young person's point of view, but I see the results of the influence her grandfather and her angelic entourage have had on her and on me.

Faith and trust in God to help us doesn't come easily, it requires effort, determination and commitment.  Asking for and allowing the help of our angelic entourage of angels, teachers, guides, as well as loved ones who have crossed over, is critical to giving us the freedom, supply and confidence to fulfill our individual missions.  They are with us, all we need do is use our free will wisely and ask, then allow.

We must remember, we are profoundly loved spiritual beings and love never, ever dies.

Thanks, Daddy...

Love, Kate 

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