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Messages from Big Jim

The Smell of Cows...

Message from Grandpa and Big Jim!
(Grandpa transitioned in August this year.)

When I was a child, going to Grandma and Grandpa's was so very special. There are things that remind me of the experience and bring to me that warm fuzzy love feeling that spreads throughout your body and radiates into true joy - then when you take a deep breath it pulsates out through your pores!

One such thing that brings this experience to me is somewhat odd. Grandma and Grandpa had cows - cows produce cow manure - have a clue where I'm going here?

I live in the city - no cows. Last week when I got out of the truck at the bank I could smell cows. I thought it was odd, but no, it was definitely cow manure that I thought I was smelling. The next day when Fred and I went outside to get into the truck, again, I could smell cows. I asked Fred, "can you smell cows?" Of course, he could not...

As we began driving, I could STILL smell cows - I could smell it SO Strong that there was really no way he couldn't smell it - I just kept saying, I can smell cows. Then I heard laughter. I could hear my grandpa and Big Jim totally cracking up!

So Grandpa is letting me know he is here with the smell of cows - how funny! No roses or aftershave to let me know Grandpa is here - NOooooo I get the odor of cow manure!

Of course I called Grandma and told her. She laughed and laughed - perhaps that was Grandpa's intention - he has told me he wishes her to laugh...

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