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An Escort from Big Jim

Blessings to you this day of perfection and gratitude!

I sit here writing this in gratitude.  I am so very grateful for the tools I have acquired in the past six months.  The more important one for me today, is "seeing the perfection" in all life situations.  Do I "see" the perfection?  Most of the time - No!  To date my human-ness blocks actually "seeing" the perfection, but I've reached a level of "Faith" that there IS perfection in all life situations.  This "Faith" reduces... well, actually eliminates (for me) the panic emotion - in this case the Mother Panic emotion.

My daughter, Jesse, received a head injury at work yesterday (March 26, 2008).  The incident occurred at the end of her shift, then she drove home.  Her head hurt, but she did not realize that she was seriously injured.  Upon arriving home, she laid down and went to sleep.  A couple of hours later, she woke with a terrible headache, nausea, dizziness and blurred vision.

Fred and I picked her up and took her to the Emergency Room.  There were police everywhere, but as Fred drove "quickly" to the hospital, no one stopped us.  Then I saw why - we were not alone.  Big Jim and two of my guides pulled into the lane in front of us on motorcycles and led the way.  At first, I was apprehensive as to why they were with us, then I heard a soft firm voice say, "we just want you to know we are with you."  Then I was calm.

After a CAT scan and intravenous drugs, Jesse was admitted about 2:30am.  By this time she was hallucinating.  I stayed with her.  Thank goodness I did.  Right after she got settled in her room, she decided she was going to Taco Bell, with no thought to the oxygen or IV she was hooked up to.  She couldn't even stand up, much less walk - I stopped her before she fell out of the bed - she was so confused.  At her most anxious, disoriented time, Jesus visited. He placed His hands on her head.  Glowing light began to emanate from them as he touched her.  Jesus then leaned over, kissed the top of her head, nodded to me and was gone.  Jesse finally seemed to relax and rest.

It is 9:30am.  She is sleeping. The doctor has assured me she will be ok - she has a concussion.

The time seems to go by so quickly - one day we're rocking our babies to sleep, then in the blink of an eye, they don't even live with us anymore.  It is then the "Mother Care Angels" we mother's have sent to watch over our children are watching them sleep and monitoring them in their waking moments while they are without parental supervision.

Now... once again... the angels and I are together, watching my baby sleep.  In looking back at the past fifteen hours, there have been so many moments my pre-enlightened Mother Self of as little as six months ago would have experienced that Mother Panic.  But instead, since having shifted to a level of "faith in the perfection of all life situations" I remained, not only calm, but I was open to "see" Big Jim and the entourage escort, "heard" the soft, firm angelic voice tell me they were with us, "saw" Jesus as well as others visit the ER room.  I remained open to the support of our angelic entourage as well as being a clearer vessel to share Reiki healing energies with Jesse.

March 30, 2008
Jesse is home now - she was released March 30, Saturday, after an MRI showed no issues.  She will be fine, but must, of course, take it easy. 

Holding fast to the faith that there was perfection in this situation truly helped me.  Remaining open to the connection with the angelic realm provided blessing after blessing.  Barbara Mark stopped by while I was quietly watching Jesse sleep in her hospital bed.  She told me Jesse would be fine.  Then the nurse came in to take Jesse's vitals.  As she worked on Jesse, Barbara went over to the bed and hugged the nurse.  I thought this odd, but then found out that Jesse looks like the nurse's daughter and it was hard for her to see Jesse lying there injured.

Big Jim came and sat with me too.  He also assured me that Jesse would be fine.

I did have my physical "Mom" moments and allow physical world-ness to interfere, but I didn't go into panic. I know that because of this I missed "seeing" many who were with us.  But just because I didn't see all of them, does not mean they weren't there - they were. 

Our loved ones and angels are always with us.  Times of physical world crisis is no exception.  Their comfort is available if we will just allow ourselves to take it in and experience it.  Know this when anxiety enters your life for whatever reason. 

Now is the time to work at "seeing" the perfection in all life situations.  Then when the physical world seems to tilt and chaos attempts to take control, it will fail, for you will be fully connected with the Life Force Energy of God and the Angelic Realm.  You too, can do this.

In love and light,
Kate and Big Jim

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