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Guidance From Big Jim

On March 1st, Big Jim and his skunk Alvin came to visit.  Majik was playing with Alvin, then it was clear that he wanted his Nyla Bone back to himself and hopped onto the sofa.  Something moved over him and he was watching it - I got the camera.

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I asked who was here and knew it was my dad.  Others were also present for the family photo shoot.

~~~~~^O^ ~~~~~

A week later he came by while I was raking the yard.  I noticed him when he pointed out to me that I kept knocking my trash bag over.  Of course being the daughter that I am, I in turn pointed out to him that if he would hold the bag, it wouldn't fall over.  His reply was that he didn't care for yard work when he lived here, he wasn't going to do it now, but he would be happy to sit down and watch.  So he did.

While I raked and stuffed construction trash bags, he sat in a chair and watched as he visited with me. 

We talked about living up to our true potential as humans.  Most of our lives are spent surviving - just getting through the list of things we "have" to do today; working, errands, chores, etc.  From Big Jim's point of view, I could see that our days are quite entertaining.  So I asked for practical information to incorporate into my life to make my existence more productive, more serving and of course, more prosperous!

He didn't disappointment me.  First he pointed out to me that the best thing Fred and I can do for our children is teach them by example - because they're always watching us.  They aren't always listening to us, but they're always watching.  Then he told me three things to help us achieve our desires:

1.  organization
2.  be responsible for our own issues, situations, paperwork, responsibilities
3.  look within to discover who we "really are" - discern from within our very essence and not just accept that we are the round or square peg the physical world says we are - physical world being loved ones, friends, coworkers, etc.

He told me that in doing these things we will live up to our true potential - and he's going to make sure I do this!

Our loved ones physical bodies may have expired and are no longer present, but their spirit and love does, indeed move on with us - forever.  Not only are they bonded to us through their love, they have only our highest good at heart and can see "the bigger picture."  You too can connect with your loved one to get "insider information" on the status of your life and how to get to where you really want to be. 

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