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Messages from Big Jim

Big Jim and John Denver

Ben Guerin has been my hair dresser since 1996.  His shop is in Colorado Springs.  I live in Aurora.  As you ladies know when you find someone who is great with your hair and you trust them, you'll drive for miles for your appointment.  I have to make my appointments months in advance so there is a LOT of praying going on around the weather when I have appointments in the winter months.

The first appointment I had after Daddy's transition was amazing.  The trip to Colorado Springs takes at least an hour when the traffic is good, so I often call family members out of state.  As I drove to Colorado Springs that day, the thought came to me that I should call my dad.  Then I started crying - duh - he won't answer the phone...  I thought I should have been able to prepare myself for that one - the thought of calling him...

I hadn't eaten breakfast so I stopped in Castle Rock and went through the drive through at Burger King sniffing and mopping tears.  When I pulled up at the window I turned down John Denver on the stereo.  After getting my food, still sniffling and wiping my eyes, I pulled out of the parking lot and turned up the radio.  John Denver was singing, "Lady, are you crying, do the tears belong to me?  Do you think our time together is all gone..."

Then I really started to cry - and laugh!  I could see in my minds eye my dad and John Denver high fiving and slapping each other on the back congratulating themselves on a message clearly delivered!  You would have thought their football team had just scored - there was excessive celebration going on!  I smiled all the way to the Springs.

Interestingly enough Ben had a "wow" story to tell me when I got there.  He had scheduled a doctor visit for himself that morning - something his wife always did for him.  As he sat in the doctor's office he looked around and noticed pictures all over the walls.  They weren't of diploma's, they were of Harley Davidson motorcycles.  Daddy connected with Ben before I even got there...

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