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Messages from Big Jim

Big Jim and the Fourth of July 2007

Messages from spirit show up in the most unexpected places!  We attended Fourth of July fireworks here in Colorado at a new town center type mall.  The fireworks were shot off the top of the movie theater.  In the courtyard there was a band playing.  While the fireworks were exploding into the night sky, Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA rang out.

Then, I saw him...  

Daddy was on top of the theater on his bike.  He rode up into the sky leaving a trail of flames, like the motorcycle Nicholas Cage rode in the movie Ghost Rider.  He rode a flaming heart trail around the exploding fireworks. 

I didn't expect to see him, wasn't even thinking of him, but there he was.  When he landed on the top of the roof again, he looked right at me and tipped his leather cap to me, then he rode off into the night sky.

When our loved ones transition, the love lives on, it never dies.  I'm so grateful I allow myself to be open to "see" my dad when he's around.  You can do this too, just allow yourself to experience - what some would call... "imagination."

But... what is imagination??.

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