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Love Binds Us Together Forever

The loss of a loved one is something that, no matter what we do, we cannot truly prepare for.  When this happens, allow yourself to grieve - even though your spiritual self knows that they are "ok" where they are, your physical world self still needs to grieve.

Some will tell you that the loved one who has transitioned cannot communicate with you for a period of time.  Big Jim was here within an hour or so of his transition - freaking out the puppy.  (Majik has since come to welcome him when he stops by.)  However, there are times the loved one won't interfere with the growth process that we are going through, thereby, not allowing us to know they are with us.  Know they have not abandoned us - they still check on us from afar.

Allowing ourselves to acknowledge when we "feel" the loved one is near, or we "see" them unexpectedly in our minds eye, or we "hear" them talking to us inside or outside our head will encourage them to continue trying to communicate with us.  Don't pass it off as your imagination - after all, what is our imagination?

Big Jim communicates with my mom through songs.  Daddy used to whistle - and he was good at it.  While visiting my mom, I noticed that she whistles.  She said that songs will just get stuck in her head and she finds herself singing, humming or whistling them.   I asked her to think about the songs, are they songs that Daddy liked?  She thought about it and agreed, yes, they are.  Then she told me that sometimes songs wake her up in the morning.  I laughed and asked what song?  The answer was, "Wake Up Little Suzie" by The Everly Brothers.  My mom's name is Sue...

When a loved one has transitioned, their love binds you together forever.  They are as close as a thought.  Release expectations of how they will let you know and just watch, listen, and allow yourself to feel them - you will. 

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