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Messages from Big Jim

Nature Outing with Big Jim

Grandma and I are nature girls.  While I visited her in early October, 2007, we visited the George Washington Carver National Monument in Diamond, Missouri.  I've always felt as though nature embraces me there and shares the peace of God.  While we were there spiders kept showing up - not so much in "odd" places, after all we were in the woods - it was just that we kept seeing them - which told me Big Jim was with us.  Below my camera captured this spider's web in the trees with the sun shining through, causing a rainbow effect on the web - a definite gift from Big Jim.

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The spider that screamed out "Yo, your dad's here," was the one that was hanging by it's web at eye level in the middle of the path as Grandma and I strolled by.  Unfortunately I didn't take it's picture.  Needless to say, between the sunshine, shadows, vines, grasses and trees, it was a miracle to see the spider hanging at eye level.  Allow yourself to have the "eyes" to see and miracles will, indeed, come to you...


Dragonflies are one of my favorite creatures - especially the slender blue ones.  While visiting the national monument a blue one came by for a photo shoot.  It stayed with us for quite some time - it even landed on my hand, so I continued to photograph it.

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The dragonfly is a reminder that we are light beings - guardians of the light of God.  This dragonfly also foretold of the transformation that not only my grandmother's life is experiencing, but mine as well.  This beauty reminded me to be open to new vision and to embrace and discern the light being that I truly am. 

Then it flew to the man made structure of a bridge railing.  It was after crossing this bridge that the spider dangled from somewhere high in the trees to eye level on our path.

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The dragonfly stayed with us so long, it was clear to me that it had a message to convey.  With a short life span, the dragonfly is an insistent reminder to live our lives to the fullest in each moment with great gratitude.  To share the love light of God with others and to support them on their spiritual path in any way we can.  Some times our part it to simply hold the space... 

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