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Nothing to Fear

For the past five years we've had a snake living in our backyard who totally freaked me out on so many levels, but even worse Majik (my poodle puppy) saw him this summer in the grass and decided he did not want to get in the grass to do his business. This can definitely cause a problem. So, I commanded the snake to leave! Clearly he is gone, because we now have his dinner as a guest - a mouse has decided our home is Mouse Condo - all sizes welcome!

I was cleaning out the cabinet under the sink of mouse unspeakables and having a fit when Fred pointed out I should be doing a commercial for somebody because I was doing the cleaning in a dress! I thought this was an odd thing for Fred to say, but perfectly in line with something Big Jim would say, so I looked around, but didn't see him. Fred left. I was fussing and ranting and raving about the mouse. Then I heard him laughing. There he was (not the mouse), but Big Jim, sitting at my kitchen table totally cracking up. He said, "it's ONLY a mouse!" I didn't agree - at all!

I was finished, so I got my journal and took it outside to sit in the sun with my dad. He joined me and talked about the comings and goings in the spirit world - many coming home, but many taking on the journey of returning. Then he commented about our gifts and how we all have them and that we must embrace these gifts and release fear. He pointed out that in our human mind the worse thing that can happen to us is that we die when in actuality it is the best thing that can happen - to return home. What he was trying to get across to me is that the reality is: there is nothing to fear - just do our work, embrace who we are and allow ourselves the luxury of the blessed truth of being One with God.

While he was at it, Big Jim also pointed out that my feelings toward the mouse were fear based - not that I'm afraid of the mouse, but I was outraged and angry that a mouse was living in our home - yup, fear based!

Fear is debilitating. It is up to us to transmute our fear based feelings to that of love and live our lives from the love base. When we do this, miracles occur.

I managed to release my animosity (fear based) feelings toward the mouse, send him love and demand he and all his multi-sized friends leave our home to find someplace better for them. So far, no sign of them!

Love base is ALWAYS better than fear base!

In love and light,
Kate and Big Jim

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