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Question for Big Jim - Fear Predictions of Times to Come

Message from Big Jim from the June 22, 2007 Soul Kisses Newsletter

Question from Martha Z:

Dear Kate:  I have a question I'd like to ask. I have just finished reading a book, "The World to Come" by Ruth Montgomery wherein she has channeled info about the shift of the earth's axis due in 2010-12. The information is not unlike other publications I've read, to be sure, inciting fear and trepidations among readers. She writes of a walk-in president to be elected in 2012 who will determine where the safe places on earth are to live, and suggests we all prepare by obtaining seeds, tools etc. etc. by which to survive.  Sounds like something as terrible as a holocaust.

My question to you is, has your dad "Big Jim" or any of your angels ever spoken of those supposedly scary times to come and what should we as humans be doing, besides living every day to its fullest, with love and kindness to our fellow humans/ plants/animals?

I facilitate a "Course of Miracles" study group and many have read similar stuff as have I and we wonder if there is any positive info coming in from the Universe that would give folks more hope than all this doom and gloom stuff that is floating about.

~Martha Z.

This is an excellent question.  I asked Daddy what his thoughts are on this.  He came by and chatted about this today during lunch...

Live as God is your supply without fear.  There is NO fear in God.  Mother Earth is cleansing - there will be "natural" disasters - as for a "holocaust," there is evil in the heart of some humans.  A collective consciousness of love will strip them of their power - but it will take a collective consciousness of unconditional love

There are many who work in the name of God whose teachings are fear based.  It is up to each one of you to look within and discern what is fear based and what is not "of God."  Remember there is NO "Fear" in God!

What each of you must also remember is that your physical body is going to die, but your spirit will live on.  Death of the physical body is a "piece of cake."  It's easy to die (smile).  It's the living that's hard.  Death is but a breath from the physical body to spirit and it "doesn't hurt."  Nothing hurts here, everything is love - love more profound than the human mind can imagine. 

But I digress from the question.  There is a great spiritual shift of the "main stream" peoples.  There is an awakening of love forgotten.  Yes, Ms. Martha, loving one another and being kind to one another is what everyone needs to do - MUST do to raise the collective consciousness.  It is possible to saturate the planet with love and change the path of negativity and fear that it is on.

I won't lie, the earth is not a rosy picture, but everything is based on free will and each one of you has the power to bring more peace and love to the world.  Start by loving and honoring yourselves - work from the inside out - you will make a difference. 

As a last thought, don't fear death - always remember, there is no fear when you trust God as your supply. 

Oh and one other thing, fear breeds more fear, but fear sells.  Fear will control you, control your life, control the world if allowed. When a message is given from a love base, there is no fear involved.

Look within, talk to The Big Man, He'll answer...

~Big Jim

Thank you, Martha, for such an excellent question. 

As humans it is easy to get caught up in the little annoyances of the day, become side tracked from our love base and allow fear based thoughts to get hold of us.  It is then that we lose site of what is really important in life - living from a point of love.  We must remember, fear does breed more fear - we mustn't allow ourselves to become overwhelmed, or overtaken by fear based teachings  Instead we must look within to discern truth and to ask what action steps to take to provide for our future as humans. 

We each have a part to play and things to do to enlighten ourselves as well as each other.  Each day we choose whether we are living from a love based or fear based point of view.  For the future of ourselves, the future of our children, the future of Mother Earth, it is up to us individually to live from a basis of love.

Love is where God is...

The Light of God surrounds me,
The Love of God enfolds me,
The Power of God protects me,
The Presence of God watches over me,
Where ever I am - God is,
So be it, Amen

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