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You Need to Relax!

This was quite the day of remembering I am a spiritual being! I allowed myself to get caught up in the physical-ness of this world struggling with things I have no control over instead of staying connected to high self and rolling with situations and events.  It began yesterday when my internet service was intermittent. I kept trying to download several emails that had pictures in them.  I had already downloaded seven, but now the rest kept jamming my email program instead of flowing. So I tried to access them directly through the internet and Squirrel Mail kept locking up my browser window. Then I was chatting on the phone instead of closely paying attention to what I was doing and as my own webmaster, deleted the email account directly from the server that I was trying to retrieve the emails from - completely deleted the account - poof - gone.

Good - Greif!  Notice the negativity of that statement?  Hastily I contacted (by email) my server tech to request a restoration from backup. 

This morning the server tech called me to discuss what happened.  While on the phone with him, the Comcast internet tech arrived to fix my internet.  Fortunately Fred was here and handled him and the internet.  As I was on the phone discussing the large emails that became an issue (that weren't in the beginning) I lost the server tech.  Duh... No dial tone either.  Fred and the internet tech from Comcast - oh by the way, Comcast internet, cable AND phone are ALL on the same system, disconnected me to test the system.  Imagine that?  By now I'm beginning to feel irrational.

To make a longer story shorter, the Comcast tech determined that our internet signal is excellent, but... when did the problems begin?  I told him when Mercury went into Retrograde - Fred gave me a look - and the tech began to explain about how the energies have been reeking havoc with the satellite transmissions and if we could just bear with them for another week...

It was shortly after this that I cleared the top of my desk to the floor. Several minutes later I admired how nice the top of the desk looked and calmly picked everything up, filed most of it, stacked the rest neatly and walked out of my office.  I went outside to wait for Fred to go to lunch. 

I sat down in a chair to soak up some sun.  It was the most amazing thing... I sat there for several minutes, before I could hear anything going on around me.  Then my ears began to tune in and I could hear birds singing - birds singing! I was too caught up in the physical-ness of the events of my day to hear them when I first walked outside and sat down. 


Big Jim sat down beside me. 

He leaned back... stretched out each leg... crossed the ankles... elbows rested on each arm of the chair... fingers laced over his chest.  He just reclined there grinning at me. 

We sat there looking at each other. 

Finally he leaned forward... wiggled in his chair... removed his hat... ran his fingers through his hair... slowly replaced the hat... adjusted it with both hands... leaned back... grinned... and said calmly and clearly, "You need to relax."

My first thought was, you're not waiting for pictures to update your client's website...  I had to change my attitude.  I vented for a few minutes, then made the effort.  I refocused on the exciting work for God and possibilities in my life - gratitude was again restored.

It is SO easy to get caught up in the physical complexities of our world.  When we do, we loose our high self, and not only does negativity, based on fear, take over and control us, but begins to propel us as magnets to things we don't want in our lives.  Stop the momentum and refocus your reality on the limitless spiritual being that you are so that you are consciously creating the life you desire. If allowed, negativity and fear will consume you into a negative life of lack and frustration based in fear, rather than love.

In the state of love, you will have the eyes to see, the ears to hear and the knowing to look into opportunities that make themselves known to you.  You will be able to experience the peace, grace, comfort, joy and abundance of living in the palm of God.

In my case I had been the source of entertainment for Big Jim and Grandpa while in my office being irrational. They probably even placed a bet on how long it would take me to "click in and get it!"

Accept the perfection of the situations of your life - look within to pull the wisdom from them and move forward having embraced the experience and not have to experience it again!  When we change within, life changes out side of us:  The server tech restored my emails that I deleted (Thank you, Tech, Thank you, God) and he suggested a stronger email program to handle emails with large files and it worked! Again, Thank you, God, Thank you, God, Thank you, God!

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