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Blessing of the Wheat

Wheat was planted on Big Jim's land this year.  In the early part of April, the field was beautiful, strong and healthy.  It had the potential to produce the best crop ever.  Then the temperatures dropped below freezing one night.  My mom told me she was worried about the crop, so I asked for some help with it.

I set the intent to heal the crop and began to meditate.  I envisioned myself in a long white garment and went to the end of a row. I stood there and asked for help to heal the crop and make it the most productive crop of wheat to have ever been grown from this section of mother earth. As I stood there, I was joined by hundreds of angels who stood side by side next to me until they surrounded the field completely. Then we invoked the healing love of Jesus.

All my guides and angels stepped into the chain of angels. Then Jesus arrived. We all held hands to form a complete barrier from the outside world around the field. Daddy was there. Then Chief Running Bear stepped back and mounted a white horse. He began to walk the horse around the field and was joined by hundreds of other Indians on white horses. They continued to walk around the field as one.

The angels began to sing and Indians played a single flute and drums.

Jesus stepped into the middle of the field and hovered above it. And he spoke.

"I claim this section of Mother Earth as healed in all directions of time. All Karma is healed, all negativity and fear is dissipated through the love of my father. I claim this wheat crop as healed and to produce the most wheat ever produced from this section of Mother Earth."

He spread out his hands and a bright white light began to come up from the ground - it saturated each blade of wheat and moved up the stalks until the entire field was glowing.

I could see it from above as if from a plane, then a satellite - the section of land getting smaller yet brighter.

Then I was back in the circle and could see the future of the wheat crop from being blessed in such a way - the wheat was cut, and processed and moved on to bless all who come into contact with it - far reaching affects of this blessing.

Jesus then thanked God and all who were in attendance and said, "So be it and it is."

The Indians on horseback left first, trotting off into the sky, then the angels, then everyone else, till I was all alone standing at the edge of the field. The wheat was very proud to become of such great service to The Creator - standing tall and healthy.

I gratefully thanked all who were in attendance.  I suggested my mom go out to the field and claim the field as healed, plentiful and profitable with the far reaching affects of being blessed in such a way (for there is no loss in divine mind - only abundance).  Then to embrace and maintain the feeling of gratitude of such a plentiful, productive, profitable crop for all concerned. To vision it healthy and whole.

Now we're entering the month of May...  The crop is looking good.  Thank you, God!

~~~~~^O^ ~~~~~

This is Big Jim's Road King Harley Davidson.  I took this picture and several others the day of the funeral.  At first I thought something was on the lens of the camera - there is a white haze at the rear of the bike.  Then I noticed that they were only in the pictures I took of the bike and... the haze moved in each picture.  Daddy joined us in taking family photos of the bike.  The only retouching done to this image are at the front where I took out family members - and of course I cropped it so it would fit here.

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