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Step into Your Field of Potentiality as the Powerful Master Creator that you ARE!

Do you feel LimitLESS?
Or do you feel LimitED?

Would you like to be in control of your life?

In this experiential class, you will shift out of the "normal" lower vibration of worry and stress and into the higher vibration of love and claim your power as the Powerful Master Creator that you are! 

What IS your Field of Potentiality?

Your Field of Potentiality is all that you dream of fully created on a higher plane of existence.  This self-study class opens the door to drawing to you all that resides on this higher plane of existence into your reality.

In this experiential class you will learn:
the three inherent truths that mold your life
how to identify what isn't working or what you want to change in your life
how to stop the revolving cycle of creating more of what you don't want in your life
how to shift your energy and step into your power
how to live "in the moment" in control of your life
how to "BE & Experience" limitless possibility!

Bonus: journaling guidance to help you disconnect from pain of the past, limiting thought patterns and beliefs

This self study class consists of an audio and manual.  The Love meditation and the Claim Your Power meditation are included in the class - a $14.95 value!.

Step into Your Field of Potentiality
Digital Download:  $77.00

Note:  If you need a CD, please contact Kate.

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