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Give Yourself the Gift of Forgiveness Program

Heal Your Life and Spirit with Forgiveness...

Forgiveness releases trauma from the cells
of your body to heal from deep within.

This program teaches you how to fill the void created by the release of the pain of unforgiveness with love.
Forgiveness ascends your energy
to the higher vibration of love and
illuminates the way to create your heaven on earth!

To some degree we have all experienced, at some level, the feelings of being a victim.  Feelings of being a victim can and often does create the energy of unforgiveness - and that energy is held in the very cells of our body. Unforgiveness is like swallowing poison and expecting the other person to die.  In The Game of Life by Florence Scovel Shinn, she states: "Unforgiveness is the most prolific cause of disease. It will harden arteries or liver, and affect the eye-sight. In its train are endless ills."

Forgiveness does NOT condone behavior!
Forgiveness disconnects you from the pain
of the experience that you hold in unforgiveness.

This time of transformation is an expansion of love energy flooding the planet in all directions of time. The shadows of pain within your heart can no longer hide from the glory of the loving light of God. Anything that is being held in unforgiveness will cry out and demand to be healed - are you ready?  Do you have the tools to look deeply within and heal the wounds of your heart?

Would you like to heal the pain of unforgiveness
in your heart BEFORE the universe points it out to you?

Know that all will be revealed during this time of transformation - no one gets to opt out!

BUT!  You're not alone!  When you set your intention to heal anything that is less than love you are fully supported by your angels, Mother Earth, the Universe and by God!

Now there is a physical world tool to help you!

In the Gift of Forgiveness program, Kate and the angels help you create a safe space for you to gently forgive all that is unforgiven and step into your power to masterfully create the life you truly desire - your heaven on earth!

Note from Kate: My guides asked me to create this program to help each of us during this often challenging time of transformation. When I began working on the program, I had no idea how it would be my lifeline to face, disconnect and heal soul contracts that have held me hostage for 40+ years.

Through the years I've released a lot of negativity, thought patterns and beliefs, cut cords and stepped into my power at a higher level of energy and understanding.  Then I was reminded that we are as an onion... In the past few months unexpected life events revealed to me deep, dark pain of the past. I came face to face with years of suppressed feelings of shame, guilt, and victim mindset - the energy of unforgiveness.

Immediately my guides stepped in to show me how important this Gift of Unforgiveness program is and how crucial full forgiveness is to the future of my spiritual work. I found myself face to face with the mother-load of suppressed unforgiveness - not only where others were concerned, but unforgiveness I secretly subconsciously held for myself in the shadows of my heart.

Together with my guides and angels we wrote the program and I experienced its power first hand. Through the loving gift of forgiveness I faced the challenges that were revealed to me, disconnected from and healed painful soul contracts. I'm now in a peaceful state of balance with a higher level of understanding to create what I truly desire as my reality.

In this program you will learn:
the power unforgiveness has and how it holds you hostage preventing you from creating the life you truly wish to live
how to create a safe space with your angels to face experiences where you were the victim
how to identify unforgiveness when it is buried in your heart
how to open your heart to love in order to forgive
how to face unforgiveness, disconnect from it and heal it
how to forgive others
how to forgive yourself
how to forgive Mother Earth, the Universe and God
how to accept that you cannot control the actions of others or of Mother Nature - in acceptance you release your need to control (feelings of powerlessness) to step into your power (calm assertive energy) with energy that is fully in control (POWERFUL!) to create as your reality all the dreams of your heart in Love, Light and Joy!


The Gift of Forgiveness Program consists of 5 sessions (tracks):
Track One: The Power of Forgiveness
Track Two: Facing Unforgiveness (experiential exercise)
Track Three: Identifying Hidden Unforgiveness (experiential exercise)
Track Four: The Gift of Forgiveness Guided Journey
Track Five: Forgiveness is Yours

The Gift of Forgiveness

Digital Download: $77

Note:  If you need a CD, please contact Kate.

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