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How to Create Your Heaven on Earth Program
Heal your life with love to create the reality you desire!
Life doesn't "happen" to us - we create it!
What have you been creating?  Does it look like heaven?
Would you love to be, do and have everything you dream of?
This exciting program opens the door to shift your energy from the darkness of fear (!!worry is a form of fear!!) to the joy of love!

You will release:
feeling of being overwhelmed
feelings of being separated from God
anything less than love!

You will heal:
life situations and events
fear that has held you hostage in lack and limitation all your life!

You will learn:
how the veil is thinning between Mother Earth and heaven/the angelic realm
why the darkness can no longer hide
why so many of us are struggling with relationships, finances, health and our jobs - all areas of our lives
how to shift from deep within from fear to love energy to create your Heaven on Earth!

You will learn how to let go of all forms of fear (everything that is less than love) and shift fully into the higher vibration of love to step into your power as the Powerful, Limitless, Miraculous Master Creator that you are and create your Heaven on Earth!

This EASY program consists of four parts:

Session One sets the foundation to understand the lower vibration of fear we normally exist in as humans on Mother Earth and the power of love source energy.
Session Two explores the healing power of love, Kate's experience with the Healing Circle of Love technique and guides you on what to expect and how to prepare to shift to love source energy.
Session Three guides you gently to send love to yourself to deeply heal all aspect of you, including your inner child.
Session Four guides you to shift your energy from all forms of fear with regard to relationships and life situations to the powerful energy of love.
**Music on tracks three and four by Dan McClerran.

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How to Create Your Heaven on Earth

Note:  If you need a CD, please contact Kate.

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