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Master Loving Relationships
- from Family to Work
This is an on-demand digital audio program

Create a new dynamic with people who push your buttons by
changing inharmonious relationships and situations to
harmonious, loving, joyful relationships and situations
from the inside out
before they happen!

Have you ever been told you're "too sensitive?"  ------ You're not.

Is there a person or people in your life who make you feel uncomfortable, question yourself and drain you of your self-confidence?

Is there a person from your past that you feel resistance or anxiousness when you think of them and/or the situation between you?

Is there a person in your current circle who verbally (energetically) attacks you? 

Or are they more subtle...  This person (or people) punch you energetically by doing or saying inappropriate things to you in such a way that no one else notices.  Then they walk away and you're left standing there with your mouth open, wondering "What the heck just happened?" because you feel as if you were just run over by a steam roller!  AND...  when you say something about your attack to a confidant... you're told you're too sensitive? 

So you begin  to question:

"What's wrong with me?" 

There is nothing wrong with you!

Did you know...  that the people who:
bully you
shatter your confidence
make you feel unimportant
stir feelings of not being good enough
destroy your sense of value and self worth
trigger a spiral into an abyss of anguish as a victim,

are really:
your catalyst for greatness
gateways for limitless possibility
golden links in your chain of good
tools to change your life by expanding your awareness
stepping stones to tapping into the essence of the brilliance that you are
providing an opportunity to exercise the power of your authentic BE-ingness?

It's True...

Your Button Pushing "Trigger Monsters"
in-law(s), brother, sister, children, parents, coworker, ex-husband, ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, BOSS

are providing you with a Golden Opportunity to shift your energy out of
x helplessness x
x unforgiveness x
x powerlessness x
x and being a victim x

This program is for you if:  there is someone in your life, Past or Present, who pushes your buttons, hurts your feelings repeatedly and leaves you feeling: helpless, powerless, picked on, angry, frustrated, SMALL, and  confused by what "just happened."

If you dread family gatherings, because the behavior (energy) of a family member makes you feel uncomfortable, like you're an outsider, or not good enough in some way...


You love your job, your salary and your benefits, but there is a person (or persons) that make you pull the covers over your head and pray for strength and help to get through your day....

Take comfort in knowing HELP has arrived!

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...

Discover why these people and life situations are so Magically VALUABLE - Learn what they are mirroring to you that has the power to catapult you into a more JOY FILLED reality than you can even imagine!

You have the power within you to leave behind the anxiety and despair of being beaten with the negative energy of others and draw to you more harmonious, peaceful, joy filled relationships!  In this program, I'll teach you how to access the power within you to not only create new loving experiences, but also heal the lingering pain of your past experiences. 

Are you ready to Master Difficult People and Situations of the past
Master Difficult People and Situations before they happen in your future??? 

Many programs teach you how to react when faced with a difficult situation. 
This one does, too... 


this program teaches you action steps to create a higher outcome

BEFORE your holiday gathering with difficult family members...
BEFORE going to work and facing difficult coworkers or BOSS...


You will learn what to do to make contact with people that
have made you uncomfortable in the past ------ harmonious!

This Is The Program
your heart has been longing for to put a stop to the painful victim cycle!

This transformational virtual program will guide you step-by-step to:

Understand why people who beat you up energetically are important and valuable
Learn why you're being forced to question/look at energy of experiences of the past
Identify and release the silent, hidden energy that attracts drama to you
Replace Be-ing a victim with Be-ing calm, assertive and empowered
Create loving relationships from the inside out with others and yourself through forgiveness
Face and disconnect from the drama of the past from a new energy of BE-ing
Stand firm, secure and confident in your Empowered Authentic Self shoes without shame, guilt or apology in any situation
Expand your awareness as the brilliant, loving light that you are to attract to you beautiful loving relationships
Command respect through your energy!

Are you asking HOW?

Once you understand the dynamics of why you've drawn these people and experiences to you, creating higher outcomes is SIMPLE!  When you show up powerfully, participate full out and claim your power, you will have action steps and tools to experience the happiest LIFE possible! 

Tap into your heart centered intuition for guidance concerning your next step. Is it time to release the wrath of unforgiveness that blocks you from BE-ing the master of pleasant, enjoyable, loving relationships your heart has been longing for?

In this program you will:

 Disempower and heal experiences of the past that left you feeling like a victim.

 Gain empowered insight and techniques to create a higher, more enjoyable outcome
with everyone - from your family to your boss - for your future!

This is a pivotal day for you - your fork in the road is before you:

What are you going to do? 

Do you choose to stay on the path of helpless victim allowing others to dictate your energetic flow that creates your life?  Or do you choose to claim your power, release the past and shift your energy to a place that creates a higher outcome for everyone - including happier relationships and more joy filled experiences? 

Oh yes...

Did I mention, once you learn these valuable, magical insights and techniques the results
you experience from this program set the stage for the rest of your life?

Order now and get this extraordinary program within moments and begin NOW
to improve your relationships immediately!

Master Loving Relationships - from Family to Work
and everything in between



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