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Orb Photographs Validated Workshop

Date: Friday, May 17, 2013
Time: 7:00pm 9:00pm
Investment: $45.00
Location: Kindred Spirits Center, 59 Ledgewood Road, Redding CT 06896
Call 201-938-3690 or click here to register

 Are there orbs in your photographs?

Do you wonder what and who they are??

What is the camera photographing that you cannot see???

Why is this happening????

The Orb Photographs Validated Workshop answers these questions and many more!

Many of us are getting orbs of light in our photographs.  If you haven't seen them in yours, take a look again - you probably missed them. 

In this experiential workshop you will:
learn about the energies affecting us and Mother Earth at this time and the role of the orbs
learn why the orbs are in our photographs
test your camera for orb photography - interactive
experience a guided meditation to shift all participants to a space of love and light - interactive
ask the orbs to join us for a photo session - interactive
view the photos immediately after taking them
PLUS each participant will receive a smoke billet with a special message from the angels!

~ Limited Seating ~ You MUST click here to Register ~
Bring your camera!

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