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Healing Mother Earth with Love through Prayer...

The Heal Mother Earth with Love through Prayer community is similar to the Pray it Forward Prayer group.  We pray for Mother Earth on Sundays - at whatever time is convenient for you. 

On the first Sunday of the month you will receive an email to remind you to send love through prayer to the wounds of Mother Earth.

The goal of this community is to share love for the earth through prayer - recognizing that Mother Earth is a living breathing entity that has free will - as do we.

You may join this prayer group by filling out the form to the right

When you join, you will receive as my gift, the Heal Mother Earth with Love guided journey meditation and the recording of the live webinar from May 3, 2015.


Message from Kate:

In September of 2011 I took a road trip from Colorado to Memphis and stopped in Joplin, Mo.  I was born in the St John's Hospital that was destroyed by the tornado in May of 2011.  While I was praying as we drove into town, my angels showed me a vision of our truck bringing golden love and light to the area through the love of our prayers.  I could also see a gray vortex above the area of town where the tornado ripped through.  I was surprised to see the gray vortex.

It was a beautiful sunny, very hot day, but as we drove down Maiden Lane to Twentieth street, the sky looked gray, not blue.  I began to get nauseous the closer we got to the hospital.  We drove past the hospital to the cemetery a few blocks away to visit my great grandmother's grave, something I always do when I'm in Joplin.  The further we got away from the hospital, the nausea went away.  Then when we drove back by and out to Range Line, the nausea returned.

The night of the tornado I traveled telepathically to the area and experienced the devastation.  So I knew what it was like, what I was surprised by was the tragedy of the energy that is still there four months later. 

In 2005 I went to New York and I visited Ground Zero and the energy there was amazing - there was no despair, only love and light.

Before we drove away from Joplin, my angels helped me bathe the area in healing love, but it isn't enough.

My angels and guides showed me the healing that took place in New York at the site of the Twin Towers from the unconditional love that was sent there through prayer from all over the world.  Then they showed me other areas of Mother Earth that hold the sad, fear filled energy of tragedy, despair and pain, like Joplin still does.  These areas need our prayers of love to break apart the stagnant pain and help them heal.

The streets of Joplin were still littered with the memories and the pain of those whose homes were destroyed when I drove through in September 2011.  After visiting there in human form, I understand the whisperings of my angels to ask you to join me to send love and light to Joplin and all the other areas of Mother Earth that are scared by the pain of tragic events. 

As we drove away from Joplin, the angels showed me a beautiful rainbow of love that the area will experience as the soils of Mother Earth heal - like the soils of Mother Earth in New York where the Twin Towers stood. 

I gratefully send love and light to each of you for joining me to send love to Mother Earth through prayer...

In love and light,

Soul Kisses




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