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Life Lessons...

Ever notice how these two words are assigned to situations and/or events that are usually painful to us?  We're never told that something is a Life Lesson when it is something good that happens to us.

Somewhere in this life or another, the term "Life Lessons" began to instill firmly within me - a rebel.  The term simply grates upon me - it feels so negative like a "tailspin into chaos."  When the words are used in reference to a situation or event in my life, it conjures emotions that are even worse than the event itself created.  Some day I will discover the root cause and be rid of it.  (I've added this to the "To Do List")

In the mean time I prefer to think of the situation and/or event that most would term a "Life Lesson" to be a "Spiritual Ascension Experience Incognito."  This phrase makes me feel so much better - it summons a warm fuzzy feeling of having received a gift.  It instills within me a sense of something "good" coming out of the experience that will benefit me.  Hence, I've transmuted a "tailspin into chaos - Life Lesson" into a "journey into discovery and ascension - Spiritual Ascension Experience Incognito".

I can almost get excited about the next "Spiritual Ascension Experience Incognito" - almost!

This is but one example of the power of our word and the emotions they create.  It has come to my attention that the teen world is now referring to things that were once "cool" as "Sick."  I'm sorry, but in my mind, the coolness just turned blatantly negative by applying the word "sick" to it - but that is just me.

We all must choose what resonates within us and release the rest.  As the energy of Mother Earth continues to shift, we as limitless spiritual beings, are discovering more and more how powerful our words are.  As the humans of the earth ascend spiritually; change/energy shifting, is inevitable.  It is up to us to hold to who we truly are, embrace our One-Ness with God and use our words, thoughts and beliefs wisely to calm our ship on Mother Earth's Sea of Shifting Energy.

Do you know what words bring you feelings of joy?  Healing? Comfort?  Love?  Receipt of a Gift?  Discern within you the words that evoke these emotions.  By recognizing your sensitivity to specific words you will be able to transmute "the normal physical world fear base living" to that of one based in Love, thereby becoming a magnet for more love...

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