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Power of Two Spiritual Life Coaching

Are you...

"Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results?"
(Albert Einstein's definition of insanity)

Is your life full of an abundance of lack?

Do you feel:
drowning in worry?

Do you want to change it? 

Change begins within - do you know how?

Kate will work with you and your angels to illuminate your life path to healing the wounds of your heart and open the way for you to create the life of your dreams. 

We live in an exciting time of transformation. 
Are you feeling the excitement or are you drowning in fear?

Kate will work with you as the "Power of Two" to hold a safe space for you to shift your energy from creating a life you're unhappy with to creating the life you truly desire. 

You will:
take responsibility for the life you've created
identify the blocks that hold you back, resolve and heal them
dissipate helpless, powerless feelings and beliefs
identify any unforgiveness that hides within your heart and heal it
step into your magnificence
move forward fearlessly in confidence
expand your spiritual awareness
connect with the God Part within
cast out and release that which no longer serves you
open your heart to the limitless spiritual being that you truly are to live a life of prosperous abundance that is your birthright!

Your relationship with Kate is one of guidance and support without judgment.

Coaching Session Details:
Sessions are by appointment
Each session is approximately 60 minutes in duration
The sessions are via phone weekly or every two weeks
Expect to receive homework assignments


Power of Two Spiritual Life Coaching

Is not available at this time.

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