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This program has completed - But NOW you don't have to wait!  You may listen in to all the calls one after the other if you wish!!

OMG - are you in for a treat!

On the first day of this extraordinary mini-vacation and we shared deep insights into playing with Your Angels on a daily basis! 

You will meet your Guardian Angel and learn their name on Day 1, then on Day 2 you'll be meet your Worry Angel - already met yours?  This call will open that door wider to working with him at a deeper level!

On Day 3 you'll meet with your Money Angel and learn how to work with him and your Worry Angel to stop worrying about money and open your arms to receive all that's yours by divine right - and yes, you deserve avalanches of cash flow - no matter who you are, or what your life looks like in this moment!

Day 4 will be a day of love with your Relationship Angel.  Single?  Want help with your Love Life, Relationships with your family or co-workers?  What about the relationship you have with you?  Join me and open your heart to the divinity within you!

On Day 5 we work with Intention and focusing Attention and meet with your Angelic Assistant Angels to help you create the highest outcome possible for your Day... and your LIFE!

During 30 glorious, love filled minutes for FIVE days you will connect at a higher level of love with your angels and leave the stress of the physical world behind...

Each call recording is roughly 30 minutes.  You will have immediate access to them all -- one-after-the-other when you register!

This program has been recorded.
The recordings are available to you through March 11, 2016.



What others have said about this love filled program!

I just like to let you know how much I just enjoyed Day 1 of the mini vacation with your angels. I am in the same boat as the lady who spoke to you before the program started and I also have a lot of worries despite trying to stay positive through all of this. I am looking forward so very much to the other days with your teachings. Thank you so very much for making this available to us for free, you are always so generous.
~ LW

My friend Kate Large connected me to my worry Angel - Thanks Kate
~ Donna

Thank you. I just listened to day 1. ;)
~ Lina

Today's Day 3 of the 5 day mini vacation was wonderful again. Thank you for that. And also thank you for sharing the earlier circumstances in your life and how you are overcoming them. This gives us hope that we can do so also. I also just checked the special bonus surprise gift you are offering and thanks to the choices you are giving us I will be able to purchase it tomorrow. I am very grateful for your generosity which enables me to get this which otherwise I would not be able to get for quite a while. I believe this and this mini vacation will really help me to trust more and possibly help me to connect with God's wisdom to help improve my financial situation and also help with my stress concerning this.
~ Lee

This is beautiful!
~ Joan

Thank you for the beautiful event today, we will meet again tomorrow...
Lots of Love,
~ Yule

Hi Kate!
I am loving the mini vacation with my angels and have recommended it to some friends. Your guided meditations are beautiful, meaningful and easy to follow! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!
~ P

Hi Kate, This is a wonderful thing that you are doing. I really need this.
In gratitude,
~ Marlene

Oh Kate, {Day 5} that was so powerful. Thank you so much for this gift. I am in tears. I will miss our week together. I have so enjoyed this.
With love,
~ Carolyn

Kate, this was a wonderful meditation we just did for Day 4. Thank you. While listening to your voice the thought suddenly came to me how amazing it would be if you were able to create a similar meditation directed to end the suffering and exploitation of all animals, pets, farm and wild animals. Maybe you could hold a special webinar for this or just sell the meditation on your website. Kate, your vibration is so powerful and I believe anything you create would be effective. I am a member of some animal rescue groups and in 1 of our groups the members meditate once a week on Thursday evenings to help bring an end to animal suffering. A recording for this would be so helpful since most of us don't have much imagination and knowledge on how to do this effectively and we also are so angry at all the cruelty we see on a daily basis.
~ Lee

Thank you Kate for another wonderful meditation.... they have all really touched my heart.... very grateful.... Anxious for our Full Moon experience....
~ Patty



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