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and BE Happy!

Have you had it up to your eyeballs with being stuck, feeling trapped and lost? 

Have you tried to improve your life, set your intentions, taken action steps, worked with the Law of Attraction the best you know how, and STILL your life feels like chaos?

Implodes without warning? 

Sucks the energy right out of you? 

And certainly has not improved - or if it has, its only been for milliseconds before you're back in a pit of despair struggling to crawl back out?

I've been there.  Working so hard to make life better, when all of a sudden the heavens open up and what feels like a massive amount of poop gets dumped in the middle of everything! 

And I'm left standing there bewildered and dazed...  wondering... What - the - heck - just - happened?

After years of trial and error (don't you just hate that? Just get it right for goodness sake!), I figured out what I was doing to recreate over and over again the mess I already had and I learned what to do to redirect and mold my creation energy into prosperity, joy and happiness!

You'll find all the tools I've used here on the Soul Kisses website.  Some of the tools are free while some have a monetary energy exchange.

But if you're looking for more... 

If you're looking for a LIVE community to support you, guide you and provide every tool you could ever need to improve and live the life you truly deserve, you'll want to take a look at the all extraordinary Manifesting with Florence Support Community! 

But before you do that... there was a time when I didn't choose something better because if I didn't choose, then I wouldn't be disappointed when what I wanted didn't work out. 

A time when I felt like I didn't fit in with the people in my environment - especially my family.  As a young child I was convinced I was adopted because there was no way these people could be my family!

Later I learned all those emotions I kept pushing down, deep into my subconscious, so I didn't have to deal with the pain of them had names.  They were: 

* not good enough

* unworthy

* not lovable

* and the emotional energy that shadowed everything was:  I didn't feel like I deserved to be happy. 

Then I learned these feelings are an illusion of fear.  Now I know and I want you to know too, that no matter what you have or have not done in your life, you - YOU - deserve to be happy! 


You-Are-Worthy AND Good-Enough to live a life of prosperity, joy and happiness!

One of The Best parts of my life is being a part of your world -- sharing tools and supporting you to take your power back and create the life that's yours by Divine Right.

--- the life that your heart longs for ---

---the life that IS Joy, Love, Prosperity and Blissful Happiness - the life that's YOURS!

Then when something awful dumps itself on your life - and it will because in this physical world of duality, you live in a human body and human bodies experience adversity - you'll know exactly what to do to manage it, move through it and create something better!

Don't know who Florence is? 

You. Are. In. For. A. Treat! 

This loving support community I'm hosting is based on the magnificent teachings of Florence Scovel Shinn, author of The Game of Life and How to Play It.

Florence's teachings saved me when I was drowning in fear, yet never physically dying.  Her spiritual energy supported me to take my power back and change my life from one where I was:

the "Queen of Recreating Drama and Unhappiness over and over"

===> to miraculously creating joy, happiness and prosperity - more than I could have ever dreamed of.

Would you join me in this safe place where you'll discover an abundance of tools to address and manage the human problems that creep onto your plate and stare you in the face?

Would you join me in this loving community where we all "fit in" and a human hand is available to support you to leave your out of control life behind and take control of your energy and perfect manifesting what you really want to experience as your day to day life?

Click here to learn more about the remarkable Manifesting with Florence Support Community.

I'm excited to welcome you to the family!

In love and light,

PS  Don't let another day go by without taking a HUGE action step forward to improve your life by learning more about this loving support community!

PPS  Did I mention that ALL the support tools on the Soul Kisses website are included in this loving support community? --- oh... and so much more!



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Self-Study Programs & E-Courses to Transform Your Life On Your Schedule in audio and PDF format

We light a candle for those who are grieving the physical loss of a loved one. May this light dispel the darkness of grief and illuminate the way for hope and eternal healing in all directions of time.


Abundance in All Things

Worry & Stress Got Your Power? 

Meditations - digital download MP3

Healing Trilogy

Healing Circle of Love as given by Princess Diana & Mother Teresa

Sacred Space ~ Build It
& They Will Come 

Claim Your Power

Clear Your Chakras with the
Healers of the Light

Heal Mother Earth with Love

Children of the Angelic Realm

Communicating Through Dementia

Meet Jesus

Meet Your Protector Guide
& Guardian Angel

Communicating with Orbs


Additional Spiritual Support : Spiritual Food, Information, Messages, Love, and Recommedations

 Angelic Gifts in Photos

Orbs in Photographs

Messages from Big Jim

Tribute to the beautiful Laura

Spiritual Food: Discover the angelic gifts delivered through Kate's photos and the photos of the Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers Community.

Discovering Orbs in your photographs?  Wonder why?
Click in and see Kate's photos as well as those of others and discover the messages revealed.


Kate's dad, Big Jim, transitioned to the angelic realm on October 31, 2005 where he went to school to learn how to support her work from the Angelic Realm

Share the eternal love that transcends death of the human body through this tribute to Kate's beautiful grandmother, Laura.

Physical World Tools

Angel Commentaries

Angelic Messages

Free Thinking Resources

Spiritual Food: Here you'll find Physical World Tools to help make your life easier!


Spiritual Food: When you allow yourself to have the 'eyes to see', 'ears to hear' and the 'knowing within' to recognize Angelic experiences, life becomes magical.  You'll want to check this out!


Spiritual Food: This is a collection of angelic messages shared through the Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers newsletter since 2005. Here you will find resources that Kate's been collecting since the inception of the Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers Community.


Kate Recommends

Here Kate shares her personal recommendations for books, services, coaching and products from trusted sources.

Blog Talk Archive

Kate hosted the popular radio show Spiritual Whispers with Kate Large for 3 years sharing angelic love and introducing her community to her guests.


In Memory of
Majik Payden


Majyk AngelFeather


Books - Powerful Support for Healing and Transformation

The Game of Life Workbook
by Kate Large & Florence Scovel Shinn
(includes The Game of Life By Florence)

Published by Devorss & Company

The Secret Door to Success:
Your Manifesting Blueprint

by Kate Large & Florence Scovel Shinn
(includes The Secret Door to Success By Florence)
Published by: Waiting in the Other Room Productions

The Game of Life and How to Play It
by Florence Scovel Shinn
Intro by Kate Large
Published by: Waiting in the Other Room Productions

Waiting in the Other Room
by Kate Large
Published by: Waiting in the Other Room Productions

Waiting in the Other Room JOURNAL
by Kate Large
Published by: Waiting in the Other Room Productions

With Love from Your Angels
Workbook & Journal

by Kate Large
Published by: Waiting in the Other Room Productions

Dear One,

I invite you to explore the Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers website to discover why your angels guided you here. 

I want you to know, that I understand the human need to struggle, to be afraid - sometimes subconsciously - longing to live your life with joy and happiness ==> absent of drama.  There was a time that when I laughed, it surprised me - because I hadn't heard my own laughter in so long, it sounded foreign to me.  I get the self sabotaging human need to struggle.

I'm human just like you - and even though I KNOW what to do to maintain a joy filled life - when I'm tired, I allow fear to sneak in, I welcome worry back as my best friend and I slip into the abyss of struggling, feeling helpless, separated and alone - again. 

Then I recognize what I've allowed to happen and I take a deep breath - and consciously choose to BE a different energy.  I break up with worry, ask my angelic A-Team for help with their wisdom and guidance and implement the tools I've learned - all while resting safely in the palm of God.

Before I learned how to work with my angelic A-Team I lived years of my life drowning in fear, yet never physically dying.  With the tools my angels, guides and earth teachers have given me, I don't live there very often anymore - only when I'm tired! Because I now know what to do to ascend my energy to create the highest possible outcome in all areas of my life - and the process is SIMPLE!

Is it time you live the life you really want to live - the one that is happy? --- your version of Heaven on Earth?

I'm living my version of Heaven on Earth as consistently as is humanly possible.  Will you join me?

Click through the website, you may resonate with me and my teachings or you may find a recommended resource that illuminates your path.  You're here for a reason... 

Discover it! 

Claim it!  And Powerfully transform your life!

I welcome you to the community!  Scroll to the top of this page and fill out the form to claim your Free Essential Mastery Tools and begin today to step into your True. Powerful. Authentic. Self!

For now, I send you love... I send you light... and I see you as powerful, living your most magnificent life!

In love and light,

Ronald McDonald House Joplin, MO
The land the Ronald McDonald House sits on originally belonged to my great Grandma Hailey.  Grandma Hailey was love in human form.  Now the love that she infused into the soils of Mother Earth embrace this house of healing, loving support for all who take shelter here.

Charities We Support & Why


St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
When I was four years old, my parents took me to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN to find out why my face was wasting away.  I was diagnosed with Parry Romberg Syndrome (also known as progressive hemifacial atrophy).  

Children with Hair Loss
I know first hand what it feels like to 'look different' due to facial disfigurement. Children with Hair Loss accepts donated hair in lengths of 8 inches and up. My hair is very healthy and grows very fast. I've donated twice in the past four years and am in process of growing it out again to donate in 2017.

Ask your Angels to send you a rainbow of hope and guidance.  They will.



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