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Sacred Space - Build it and They Will Come

Blessings to you this day of perfection and gratitude!

Thank you to all who sent love and healing to my family when my daughter, Jesse, was hurt.  She is improving daily! May you be profoundly blessed for your generosity and kindness.


My guides have been “suggesting” to me to write in detail “Sacred Space: Build it and They Will Come.” A few weeks ago after watching "Medium" on TV, I had a dream and woke up sitting up in bed like the main character of the TV show, Allison Dubois.  I heard Big Jim and others laughing.  I thought it was funny, too, and lay back down to sleep.  Then they gave me all this amazing, beautiful, simple information – I asked them to wait till I was awake – the text was so beautiful and clear, but they said they would tell me now and go over it again later. Of course I didn’t remember everything. Heavy sigh… Since then I have been asked repeatedly for this information by people wanting to connect with their angelic entourage. Now is the time to work with Archangel Metatron and put keystroke to word document:

Sacred Space: Build It and They Will Come
Each one of us humans living here in the physical world of Mother Earth are powerful spiritual beings who have incarnated here many times. The ascension of the planet is gaining momentum at an exciting rate. The energies are reaching higher vibrational frequencies and each one of us is wakening to the knowledge from deep within that there is more.

In the early moments of our wakening we discern that we are experiencing a deep unfulfilled longing.  We feel incomplete - as if there is something we need to do.  As we search for a resolution to this longing, we discover the knowing within us to be true and the teachings of the physical world to be false.

We are told and taught that we come into this world alone and that we will go out – alone. This simply is not true. We are indeed, each one of us, a crowd of guides, angels, teachers and deceased loved ones – in every moment of our existence on Mother Earth.  We came in with a crowd, live with a crowd and will go out with a crowd! With practice and patience, we can and will connect with this entourage of helpers from the angelic realm.

This entourage of ours, the angels, guides, teachers and loved ones who have transitioned home connect with us at will, daily, all the time. It is up to us to discern between "their connection" and our own mind chatter. I've often wondered, if "their connection" is my imagination, but what is imagination??

My guides have become quite insistent to share how to connect with The Creator of All That Is. To share guidelines to help us not only connect, but to meld together as one so that we may work and live seamlessly in tandem with each guide, angel and teacher that are ours. In doing so we will be able to more quickly achieve our highest good and be able to help and love others more fully and completely.

It is through our breath, the essence of God, that we most easily connect with our entourage. The angels tell us to breathe deeply and to focus on that breath. As we focus, we move past the physical-ness of the physical world and reconnect to our spiritual selves. It is not necessary to block out physical world thoughts – the act of blocking them, will remove the focus from the breathing to the thoughts. What one must do is simply acknowledge the thought, bless it and return to the focus of breathing.

Begin your connection by setting the intention to do so. You may request the presence of a specific guide, loved one that has transitioned, an angel, teacher or Master Teacher - or The Creator of All That Is. By setting the intention to meet with a member of your angelic entourage, you fill your space with the love of The Creator.

Choose a quiet place – in nature if you can to build your Sacred Space. Sit quietly and comfortably. You may play soft music and/or burn incense. The soft music and incense notify your spiritual self that you are preparing to connect – you are building a place.

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing and ask your entourage to join you. Visualize grounding yourself through strong, powerful roots extending out from your feet down into and through Mother Earth to her core... allow yourself to see the brilliant light of the core of Mother Earth...  Identify the color of the light... Connect with Mother Earth's energy through these roots and pull that energy back up... through Mother Earth...  up through your feet... up through your chakras... to your crown chakra.  You may feel the energy flowing up through your spine.

In your minds eye begin to visualize your most magical, healing, peaceful, safe and serene space. What would that look like?

An example: You may find yourself in a beautiful garden filled with lush vegetation and beautiful fragrant flowers. There may be water flowing through this garden. You may wish to remain outside in the garden or you may wish to build a structure of architectural brilliance to house the room in which to rendezvous with your guest.

This Sacred Space is of your creation and can be anything you wish it to be - inside or out. It will only take moments to create this space that you wish to share with those of the angelic realm who will join you.

Envision a place to sit and relax for you and one for your guest. Sit down and again focus on your breathing, then allow your eyes to take in what is around you. As you come back to the seat beside you, allow your guest to join you. They may hug you before sitting down beside you. Take in how the guest appears to you – what is he or she wearing. Do you see the huge smile on their face?

Breathe deeply and begin chatting with them. Ask them anything you desire to know. Allow the exchange to BE.

When this meeting is finished, thank your visitor and perhaps schedule a time to meet again. If you are in a building, leave by the door. If you have remained in the garden, walk back to the entrance of your Sacred Space. Breathe deeply and firmly for a few minutes.  Move back into your physical world space.

If possible, write in a journal, your experiences. Each time you set the intention to meet with one of your entourage, you will get better and better at the connection till you will no longer “need” the Sacred Space; for you will be living in your Sacred Space connecting freely and completely.

Practice this as often as you can. Practice will help to release the need to “control” and allow the spiritual experience. As humanoids we feel there is a need to "control" everything.  In allowing the experience to "be" we release the need to "control" not only our spiritual connection, but the physical world around us as well. 

Whether we acknowledge “them” or not, they are here, with us in all moments, our entourage of angels, guides, teachers and deceased loved one – The Creator of All That Is. We are one. As babies we communicate with Spirit, then our bodies grow and we move more fully into the physical world through teachings and practicing the functions of the physical body, such as walking or talking.  Now we have returned full circle and wish to re-connect with Spirit.  Practice the connection - breathe into the connection - it Will Be.

Ask your visitors to validate your conversations, and then be open to “how” they validate. If you talked about growing tomatoes in your garden, a fat red robin may visit you and you notice how much it looks like a tomato, or the special at your local restaurant may be a “tomato” salad. The validation could be anything – with practice, you will have the “eyes to see, the ears to hear and the wisdom of allowing the knowing within” to bring you messages from Spirit.


My dear friend, Jan, has given me permission to share this validation of connecting with her angelic entourage:

"Just thought I'd share this little thing with the angels with you. Last night I was reading an angel book and the person writing said that every time she wanted to know if her angels were around her she turned on the radio and Robbie Williams - Angels would be playing to let her know they were around.

So I said aloud, okay I'll give that one a go."  I turned on the CD player to radio (which is something I never listen to) and struggled to find any station playing music.  The only one I could find was a country music channel which is my least favourite style of music. But Willie Nelson was singing and I don't mind him - no Robbie Williams, LOL, but I left it where it was, saying, "Well, that didn't work," to nobody in particular. Imagine my surprise when the next line good ole Willie sang was "there was seven Spanish angels." I laughed out loud and said,  "Okay, I get it." I was just about to turn off the radio and the next song came on - no idea who sang it, but one of the opening lines was - Heaven needs angels.

Do you think they were trying to tell me something? LOL.

I had to take my son to work early this morning (Tuesday 8th) and on the way back I was on a quiet country road mulling over things, the sky was dark with rain and it looked pretty miserable.  Then I saw this rainbow - the biggest brightest one I have ever seen!!  As I pulled off the road to look at it, I swear it was coming right out of the ground next to me!!  I moved further off the road to get a better look and it just disappeared.

No matter how much we doubt them they are always there for us."

Hugs, Jan C

Validation.  It is so very necessary as humans to have validation.  Jan allowed herself to have the "ears to hear" the words of the songs about angels, then the next day she allowed herself to have the "eyes to see" the gift "coming right out of the ground!" 

You too are so blessed - allow yourself the experience of Spirit around you.

In love and light,
Kate and Big Jim

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