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Angelic GPS January 29 - February 4, 2018

This week's energy supports you to understand acceptance!

When we experience life situations that are uncomfortable, we resist because we're out of agreement with what has happened. 

We feel the "resistant" energy in our bodies and we subconsciously begin to struggle and fight the energy.  Worry, anxiety, overwhelm, paralysis and/or acute distress begin to fight within us.

Our thinking becomes clouded by these forms of fear and feelings of powerlessness may set in.

When we shift our energy from struggling with the fearful energies within our body and "accept" that the experience has happened, it doesn't mean we're in agreement with it.

No...  "accepting" that we've experienced something we don't like, is simply a shift of energy from struggle to acknowledgement that yes, this happened.  With this shift a sense of calmness and ability to breathe returns to your body and you begin to take your power back.

Remember, when you're in worry, anxiety, overwhelm, distress - any form of fear - you're not in your power. 

Nope.  You've given your power to fear. 

Acceptance is an agreement and acknowledgment that something has happened - NOT an agreement that you're happy about it.

The act of acceptance "observes" the resistant fear energy in your body and it immediately begins to lose its power. 

Remember, energy reacts differently when we "observe" it instead of stuffing it away.

Acceptance opens the way to create a higher outcome.  Take a long deep breath with acceptance and stop holding your breath!  With that rush of the life sustaining breath or God, your brain is nourished and you will gain clarity of thought to make the best decision is possible and turn an uncomfortable life experience into the highest possible outcome.

You got this!

In love and light,

PS - need tools to support you to perfect acceptance?  The Manifesting with Florence Support Community is available now - Click here for more info!

I dont know how, but miracles happen in my life - Every. Day."

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