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Angelic GPS February 12 - 18, 2018

This week's energy supports you to see adversity for what it is - an opportunity!

We don't like adversity.  It comes in all shapes and sizes as well as severity and takes us out of the comfort zone of the smooth flow of our plans or routine.

The one thing all experiences of adversity have in common is that it is uncomfortable from a level of mild to severely painful.

So how can uncomfortable pain be an opportunity?

The uncomfortable energy stems from a hidden belief we have about ourselves that is not true.  When adversity reveals the energy of this belief, we then have the opportunity to heal it and ascend to a new level of mastery to powerfully manifest what we want.

Once the initial shock of an experience with adversity wears off (this could be moments to a few hours - the one exception being death of a loved one) we have the power to evaluate the energy the adversity created within us and shift it from fear energy to love energy.

3 Steps to Manage Adversity:

1.  Breathe Deeply and focus on the beating of your heart to regain your composure and get clarity of thought.  (When you pay attention, you'll learn that you hold your breath when adversity blind sides you!)

2.  Step back as an observer and identify where you feel the adversity in your body and give it a name, example: "Anger" - this energy could be anything - sadness, overwhelm, distress, shame, ridicule, etc.

3.  Embrace this anger energy and ask your angels to show you the energy that supports "Anger" - allow acknowledge whatever pops in your head - you may hear, see or feel another energy like "ridicule".  Continue to follow the bread crumbs of this energy brought on by a life event of adversity to it's core.  Your angels will show you where this energy was "birthed" so you can disconnect from it by healing it. 

Can you identify and heal hidden beliefs without experiencing some form of adversity? 

Great question!

The answer is yes and no.  The belief is hidden - so yes, it needs something to "trigger" its revelation.  Does it need to be a new experience of adversity?  Thank God, no.  You can take the time to look back in your archive of past experiences and pull that energy that you've buried forward and follow the 3 steps above and heal it BEFORE another situation of being blind sided by adversity hits you!

Remember: the painful energy of adversity doesn't get any more painful than the initial moments you experienced it.  So don't be afraid to revisit it, follow its bread crumbs and heal it.

You got this!

In love and light,

PS - need tools to support you to manage adversity?  The Manifesting with Florence Support Community is available now - Click here for more info!

I dont know how, but miracles happen in my life - Every. Day."

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