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Angelic GPS February 5 - 11, 2018

This week's energy supports you to understand judgment.

We live a human life of judgment.  Judgment is what we use to make decisions on everything - from what we're going to wear to whether we're going to walk into a street full of traffic to how we feel about people, events and life experiences.

We judge.

Judgment we're in agreement with is of love based energy - no resistance in our body.  Judgment we're out of agreement with is at a level of fear based energy - e.g. worry, anxiety, distress, agitation - and we feel resistance in our body.

When judgment is based in fear energy we not only give our power away to create a higher outcome, we exude that fear energy to others around us and to Mother Earth beneath our feet.

Shifting fear to love energy is key to maintaining your power and creating a higher outcome for everyone.

The first step to shifting out of fear to love energy is with "acceptance" (see info about acceptance here).  The act of accepting something we're out of agreement with "observes" the fear energy it immediately begins to lose its power over us - the worry, anxiety, distress begins to slip away and empowerment takes its place.

Judgment is how we survive. 

Shifting fear filled judgment to love is how we create the highest possible outcome.

You got this!

In love and light,

PS - need tools to support you to manage judgment?  The Manifesting with Florence Support Community is available now - Click here for more info!

I dont know how, but miracles happen in my life - Every. Day."

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